Wells Fargo & Company Credit Card Complaint

Late fee

Wells Fargo & Company Credit card department,

Late fee Florida

I have a Dillard 's credit card acct I have always received the statement in the mail and go in store to pay my bill. I received a credit card in the mail that I did n't request and thought to use it for purchases on -. I had the card for almost a year and never used it. when I used the card it did n't allow the transaction to go through.So i used cash, thinking i have to activate the card in order for it to work. In -/-/- I tried using the card and the cashier said the card is denied. I thought that was strange I never used it before. I called the number in the back of the Dillard 's credit card to learn I have an outstanding bill of $290.00 and was deeply concerned only to learn my account had gone to collections. I asked the collector why did n't I receive a statement he stated we do not have your current address on file. I mentioned receiving a brand new credit card from Dillard 's to my home and not a statement showing a purchase back in -/-/-. He then responded that there was originally a $43.00 purchase made on the card back in -/-/- and said I will receive a letter in the mail on this investigation he will look into my account.After several calls to the creditor I received a letter in the mail that they 've reduced the late fees from $290.00 to $100.00 however they can not remove it from my credit report.I am writing to you to please help to resolve this case and restore my credit back to normal.I am surprised at the way Dillard 's treated me, I have had an account with Dillard 's since -/-/-. I learned that they 're now a outlet and probably have sold accounts to collectors.Dillard 's is not operating as the department store it now a clearance center.

Wells Fargo & Company customer in Florida
Apr 01, 2017

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

Wells Fargo & Company response to complaint:
Closed with explanation

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