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On -/-/- I signed a Mortgage with long-time bankrupt -, where - was not a Mortgagee. On -/-/- - bank acting under glimpse of " - Bank as Trustee '', defunct since -/-/-, filed foreclosure case against me based on false statements and forged documents. As of today I have not received ANY meaningful respond from - bank regarding my demand to stop fraudulent foreclosure case based on false statements ( perjury ) and accompanied by forged, robo-signed documents prepared by - employees who impersonated as " - Assistant Secretary '' and " Vice President of Loan documentation '' - the positions they never held. - - Bank v. - ( US - Veteran ). The only letter mailed by - bank was their usual runaround from " - '' where she informed that " we expect to complete our research on or before -/-/- ''. No need to say, I as of today, -/-/-, never received ANY respond from - bank, except nearly - ( -!!! ) identical letters ( all electronically signed ) sent me during -/-/--/-/- where - employees advised me that they " need more time to compete research ''. This is in addition to a

On -/-/- - bank sold my property to the third party buyer, in the most fraudulent manner - where long-time defunct " Trustee '' - Bank, acting under purported authority of - ( a not existing entity, as proven by SEC letters of -/-/- and -/-/- ) prepared a fake Deed where - bank low-paid loan analysts acted as " Vice Presidents of Loan Documentation '' ( positions they never held ) when they transferred not-existing rights to the buyer, On -/-/- - bank mailed me a letter where they advised me that they sold ( transferred ) their servicing rights to a new mortgage Servicing company, Specialized Loan Servicing LLC, who confirmed this transfer and on -/-/- SLS mailed me a letter informing me that beginning -/-/- I should mail them my mortgage payments for the property which was sold more than 2 month ago. SLS also advised me that no other terms of my mortgage will changed. When I contacted SLS for explanations, they were not able to provide me ANY documents in support of this transfer, and refuse to provide explanations as of today. Both, - bank and SLS completely ignore all my demands for documents related to this sudden transfer of mortgage servicing rights ; and refuse to communicate with me on this matter. The only respond from SLS was on -/-/- where they promised to provide me information, however, its been over the month and I did not received any respond neither from - bank, or - Bank ( who never contacted me at all ) ; or SLS. I respectfully request CFPB to take REAL steps to confront - bank and its co-conspirators, - Bank and Specialized Loan Servicing LLC massive fraud ; and provide me copies of all documents related to my loan with - as well as - bank rights to foreclose on me, sell my property and transfer its so-called " servicing rights '' to SLS AFTER my property was illegally sold by purported Trustee - Bank. SLS demand for non-exisitng debt is a direct violation of RICO, Hobbs and FDCPA acts and must be treated as such.

Specialized Loan Servicing LLC customer in Illinois
Mar 28, 2017

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

Specialized Loan Servicing LLC response to complaint:
Closed with explanation

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