Mariner Finance, LLC Vehicle Loan Complaints

Review and analysis of over 13 Vehicle Loan complaints against Mariner Finance, LLC

Mariner Finance, LLC consumers have reported over 13 official complaints related to Vehicle loan. Out of the 13 consumer complaints against Mariner Finance, LLC, 31% were disputed by the consumer (i.e. the consumer was not happy with how Mariner Finance, LLC responded to their complaint) and 100% were processed in a timely manner. 8% of consumer complaints against Mariner Finance, LLC resulted in the consumer receiving monetary compensation (e.g. money, cash reimbursement, etc.) and 8% resulted in non-monetary compensation.

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New Vehicle Loan Consumer Complaints

Mariner Finance, LLC Consumer Loan managing the loan or lease

December 1, 2016 - I spoke with the Branch Manager of Mariner Financial in -, he spoke of helping me rebuild my credit. He then referred me to - car dealers, - being - -. When the Manager @ Mariner Finance thought I did n't go see - Rep. - he began to yell at me. Mariner Finance Manager called me on -/-/- to tell me that I was approved for a - - - with - miles and that I had to hurry up see - and bring the car up to him before his office closed. The call came approx. - : -. He wanted pics of the vehicle & additional bank statements at the last minute. The Old...

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Mariner Finance, LLC Consumer Loan problems when you are unable to pay

April 23, 2016 - - has continued to report a judgment on my credit despite providing proof that it should not be reporting on my credit file. This has been disputed several times and was removed from my file but reinserted several months later. I have recovered documents from my complaint against Mariner Finance with the Maryland OAG admitting that they agreed to completely absolve me of the debt, vacate judgment, cease credit reporting of the debt and stop harassment in exchange for $3000.00. I explained this to - numerous times and they have continued to report this judgment even after being provided...

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Mariner Finance, LLC Consumer Loan shopping for a loan or lease

April 17, 2016 - I paid my loan on - - and it 's still showing up negative when I actually paid up until -/-/- ...

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Mariner Finance, LLC Consumer Loan taking out the loan or lease

December 30, 2015 - I submitted a complaint to you all back in - of 2015 n regards to myself and Mariner Finance please use my previous information to locate that complaint as it is vital to the complaint I making today- Mariner Finance hired a company by the name of - - . - - hired an employee by the name of - -. - was hired to have me served in order to have a judgment by the court of law placed on me for the remaining balance of the car they sold after repossessing the car from me in - of 2015. The cause of this repossession was not at all my fault I purchased a money order in the am...

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Mariner Finance, LLC Consumer loan problems when you are unable to pay

June 30, 2015 - hello my name is - i bought a car from a buy here pay here dealership. they sold me a used car with many mechanical problems. without me even knowing they sold my account to another financial loan company. This company has made my life - literally from the moment i started receiving bills in the mail i was in shock i didnt know who they were. so when my vehicle started giving me major problems after making $280.00 payment i called the company and told her i didnt want the car no more that i wanted to surrender it even though i knew it was going to hurt my credit. the lady said i couldn...

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Mariner Finance, LLC Consumer loan managing the loan or lease

April 5, 2015 - - has listed on my credit report a debt that was abolished by Mariner Finance in - 2013. This was a joint account as I co-signed for a coworker to purchase a used car but Mariner Finance has been listing account as an individual account. Mariner Finance agreed to relieve me of all financial obligation, garnishments, and prompt deletion of credit entries in exchange for a one-time payment of $3000.00. The payment was immediately rendered and the stipulations were signed by a judge of the - County District Court that same month. - keeps verifying the debt as valid because Mariner F...

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