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Vehicle loan Problems when you are unable to pay

Mariner Finance, LLC Consumer loan department,

Vehicle loan Problems when you are unable to pay New Jersey

hello my name is - i bought a car from a buy here pay here dealership. they sold me a used car with many mechanical problems. without me even knowing they sold my account to another financial loan company. This company has made my life - literally from the moment i started receiving bills in the mail i was in shock i didnt know who they were. so when my vehicle started giving me major problems after making $280.00 payment i called the company and told her i didnt want the car no more that i wanted to surrender it even though i knew it was going to hurt my credit. the lady said i couldnt that i knew it was used and that i was still responsible for the account basically she didnt care about my opinion or my feelings as a customer, or about my situation. i paid a mechanic to fix it and within a few weeks again it breaks down on me. this was really bothering me i couldnt pay insurance, pay car payments and pay repairs on top of all my extra bills. i called the lady again and explained to her again i wanted

probably going to be auctioned for $500.00. so basically this $3200.00 car was being given away for free. i had tears after i hanged up with her. how can they make you keep making payments when you are telling them you do not want it anymore. i stopped making payments. i took insurance, and plates off. the vehicle was parked for over a month without being used. they kept calling and calling me threatening me with wage garnishments, taking me to court if i wouldnt make a payment. i told them please wait, please be patient with me, and to please just come and get the car. the lady insisted i sell the car. and then they would deside if they would give buyer the title. this has made me so stressed out. i feel scared of answering the phone. im scared to go to court. i cant believe theres companies out there who give - cents for their customers. its hard making payments on time especially when im a mom of - children. i want to sue these people. file a complaint - for threatening me and doing things that they said they were going to do and didnt do. i feel this shouldnt happen to anyone ever. please help. please help!!!!!!! yesterday - my car was towed away for not having insurance or plates. on top of this i have received many many calls from the company today they dont care about anything or anybody. they even hanged up on me. i dont want to keep dealing with these rude ignorant women. they should be the ones paying the towing truck company for not listening to me. for not putting their customers needs - before theirs. us as customers are the reason why they have a job and a paycheck. please help ... i want to get this to the highest level there is. i want a judge to listen to me.

Mariner Finance, LLC customer in New Jersey
Jun 30, 2015

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

Mariner Finance, LLC response to complaint:
Closed with explanation

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