U.S. BANCORP Mortgage Complaint

FHA mortgage Incorrect information on your report

U.S. BANCORP Mortgage department,

FHA mortgage Incorrect information on your report Tennessee

-/-/- I received my credit report from - . Someone is using my personal information to abuse my credit. There is a address in Michigan that is being used. I have never lived there, nor have I visited there. The spelling of my name is being used as -

- . I 've reported my drivers license stolen with my name being spelled that way. My social security card have been stolen. I 've notified The Social Security Department. I 've done a name change with Probate court, in the presence of a Judge. My name on the credit report is also spelled - - - On -/-/- , I received your packet including the - -mortgage interest statements I requested. I notice you paid for my home owners insurance. May I ask who the insurance was with. It is not on the credit report. May I get that information please. I am completely in the dark. You also paid taxes on the property at - - - - TN - . All of these fraudulent acts began in - , when I received the settlement from the medical malpractice law sue I filed in - . And while I was under wage earner- case number - - . Honorable - - was the Judge over the case. I was discharged in - . I have my discharge papers from - and - , if you need them. I 've mailed the identity theft packet to you. This should enable you to access my information. The parcel property tax number is - , I need that information. As I 've stated I never received this information. I do n't know how payments was being made to you. - - - was excepting payments from me. Because I paid their bankruptcy department outside of the courts. The payments was being made to - - . Unless they were interven, since my mail was being stolen. As I mentioned, there are checks with five digits as though a business was making payments to. US Bank Mortgage, using my social security number. And the account number, since the person/persons have that information. I did n't know - - - sent my account to your bank for servicing. When I learned I was a victim of identity theft. So much had taken place, until I tried to figure out where to began. I am now homeless, I do n't have an income. I am using a free government phone to get these messages to you. I ca n't afford to purchase postage. My grandchild is helping me. My only income is $190.00 in food stamps. I 'm barely surviving on those a month. I was employed with - - - - for twenty-two years. I began working at the age of seventeen. I am now - years of age, and I have nothing to show for my existence. I 'm deprived of health care insurance. I have nothing. This is the reason I press on. I feel as though there is a blessing in disguise for me. I keep looking to the hill from whence cometh my help. And it comes from the Lord. I am trying to remain encouraged. Beginning in - - - you will have to tell me how you received your payments. Since my account with - - - was being abused and checks were stolen from my home. Payments was being made from my account. I included the police report number with the identity theft packet.

U.S. BANCORP customer in Tennessee
Aug 02, 2017

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

U.S. BANCORP response to complaint:
Closed with explanation

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