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Credit Acceptance Corporation Consumer Loan department,

Vehicle loan Taking out the loan or lease New York

Around - -, - i purchased a - - - for the advertised price of roughly - -. i was told That Credit acceptance can not authorize me to purchase a vehicle higher than that price, and that after 1 years of on-time payments i can refinance and purchase a different car. When i contacted Credit Acceptance to refinance, they told me there is nothing they can do. Due to Credit Acceptance High interest Rate ( I currently Pay 23.99 % APR ) No one will refinance at $16000.00 loan for a car that is only worth roughly $6000.00. by time the care is paid off i will have paid over $30000.00 for a car when credit acceptance and its representing dealer told me they can not finance me for anything over $14000.00. I believe that not only my down payment for the vehicle was misrepresented in the final quote, but also that Credit Acceptance knowingly Provided me with false information so that they can illegally charge me an outrages APR. Currently whenever i make a payment i am not given a receipt for the remaining balance and i also noticed that out of my payment of - every month only - of it is applied to the principle value of the car. Credit acceptance needs to be investigated for deceptive practices as well as false advertisement. If an individual can only be approved for $14000.00 car how do they end up paying over $30000.00 in the end?.

Credit Acceptance Corporation customer in New York
Jan 17, 2017

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

Credit Acceptance Corporation response to complaint:
Closed with explanation

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