Regions Financial Corporation Bank Account Or Service Complaint

Checking account Problems caused by my funds being low

Regions Financial Corporation Bank account or service department,

Checking account Problems caused by my funds being low Florida

On -/-/2016 I had $7.00 in my account when I was out and about and did not write a transaction correctly so I believed I had $7.00 in my account. I went to purchase a meal for $6.00 and I went to the - store to get something printed for $.00 and I did not check my account till the next day since I believed I was fine, I come to find out that not only was I hit with an overdraft protection transfer fee for a service I opted out but it was a transfer of $.00 and then they charged me - NSF 's. I went to the branch and they refunded the fee and refused to refund me the - NSF fees because they can only refund fee 's as a courtesy even if its a bank error. So they told me they can file a complaint for me or I can sue but I wo n't be getting my money back. That was today and they refuse to fix the mistake as advised by the financial services specialist.

Regions Financial Corporation customer in Florida
Nov 08, 2016

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

Regions Financial Corporation response to complaint:
Closed with monetary relief

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