RP Funding Incorporated Complaints

RP Funding Incorporated consumers have reported over 7 official complaints. Out of the 7 consumer complaints against RP Funding Incorporated, 17% were disputed by the consumer (i.e. the consumer was not happy with how RP Funding Incorporated responded to their complaint) and 83% were processed in a timely manner. 17% of consumer complaints against RP Funding Incorporated resulted in the consumer receiving monetary compensation (e.g. money, cash reimbursement, etc.) and 0% resulted in non-monetary compensation.

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Settlement process and costs
Credit decision / Underwriting

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New RP Funding Incorporated Consumer Complaints

RP FUNDING INCORPORATED Mortgage trouble during payment process

November 19, 2018 - After the hurricane of -, I called RP Funding to pay over the phone because their website was down. At that time I was offered 3 month forbearance since My account was current and I had experience property damage. I was told that the 3 months payments would be added to the end of the mortgage, that no fees would be incurred and there would be no effect to my credit. When I tried to pay for -/-/- as I was told my next due date would be, the website was still not functioning so I called the company again to make the payment. The agent who took my payment apologized for the inconvenience,...

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RP Funding Incorporated Mortgage credit decision / underwriting

February 16, 2016 - I chose RP Funding as the mortgage company I wanted to use for my refinance of my home based on commercials saying they would cover all closing costs. I owe - on my home, and am looking to refinance for a larger amount to buy another property for cash to live in or possibly flip to resell. I was also going to be putting 20 % down on the new property out of my own savings account which left me with a loan amount of $ -. I was pre-approved by RP Funding for this amount and was told put the deposit down on the new property for -. - - guaranteed that I would have no problems getting...

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RP Funding Incorporated Mortgage settlement process and costs

May 15, 2015 - I was approved for a loan to buy a home, by RP Funding Inc.. I paid for an appraisal to be done on the property. I was subsequently denied the mortgage. I obtained new financing on the same property, Through - - - and they have agreed to use the original appraisal I paid for. The Appraise, - - Services agreed to reassign the appraisal to the -, if RP Funding Inc. will release the appraisal. The original finance company is refusing to release the Appraisal to be able to reassign the appraisal to the new finance company. ...

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