Harris & Harris Class Action Lawsuit Over Illegal Cell Phone Calls


A California woman has a potential class action lawsuit in the works against the Chicago debt collection firm Harris and Harris Debt Collectors.  She claims that Harris and Harris violated federal law and California law when they called her cell phone in an attempt to collect unpaid traffic ticket dept.

Keisha Newsom, via her attorneys with the firm Edelson P.C., filed suit in Cook County Circuit Court against Harris and Harris.  The complaint is based on Harris and Harris’ alleged use of “skip tracing” methods to learn debtors’ cell phone numbers.  Skip tracing uses multiple sources of information including credit reports, job applications, government records, etc. to locate someone that is believed to have “skipped” out to avoid paying bills or other debt.

The complaint asked the court to award damages of treble the statutory limit of $1,500 per call, under federal law. The California subclasses could also receive damages including the return of all money collected by the use of such robocalls.

The complaint also asked the court to order Harris & Harris to “disclose the names of any third-party companies involved in the generation of the telephone calls” that are the subject of the lawsuit.

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