How to Avoid Bad Credit and Repair


Staying in touch with your payments each month can help you avoid bad credit. By keeping yourself organized when your payments are due, you are on your way toward avoiding bad credit. If you do your research on the marketplace before coming to a purchasing decision, you are definitely well on your way to avoiding bad credit and repair credit hassles. You want to consider all applications, including credit cards, student loans, mortgages, and car loans carefully to avoid being overcharged.

Making the wise decision ahead of the game is the ultimate solution to maintaining good credit. Most people when taking out a home mortgage loan are not aware of the options available to them. Many will walk in the bank door, fill out the application, and accept the terms & conditions when offered to them. If you ever heard the many reports that swept the pages of newspapers, television and other advertising sourcesÖfamilies and individuals are filing bankruptcy because they cannot afford their homes anymore. This is because these people did not take the time to check the marketplace first and searching the options available to them. There are many options available to a lender.

As you can see, the millions reported are in debt and searching for a way to repair their credit. The solution then to avoiding bad credit and repair is to research, invest wisely, make good decisions, and budget. Being informed and educated is two of the best tools offered to us but you must allow yourself the time to do it.

There are mortgage loans that offer overpayments and underpayments and these loans include vacation packages and lump sum payments to the borrowers. There are also other loans available that offer low mortgage monthly installments and low interest rates with insurance policies attached that will pay your mortgage if you are sick, unemployed, in an accident and so on. If you have an interest in this type of loan, discuss it with your lender. Make sure there are no ìhidden costsî when applying for this type of loan i.e. prepayment penalty. On the other hand, there are mortgage loans that have high interest rates, high mortgages, and balloon payments attached. When balloon payments are attached to home mortgages it is almost guaranteed in a few years you will be searching for a solution to repair your credit. Just remember that the interest on an average home mortgage can cost a homeowner almost twice (or more) the cost of the home itself. There are very few home lenders willing to tell you the truth about the variety of home loans available. Most of the lenders are making money and you are a source of income. It is important to scope the terms & agreements carefully as well as reading all fine prints on any loan contract before you sign.

If you want to avoid bad credit and repair, you want to stay on the right path. Loans are agreements that are made between two parties and attached are interest rates and other fees. If you are applying for a home loan and want to avoid bad credit, it makes sense to learn what the fees include and how much those fees will cost you. Anytime you take out a mortgage loan there are upfront fees attached. In some cases, you can get a home for little or no cost. Avoid a loan with high interest as much as possible or you will end up paying almost all interest on your home. Perform a little research before coming to a decision on any loan because searching and investigating the marketplace can save you time and money.

Some home loans offer an acceleration clause, which covers you if you miss mortgage payments. The lender will apply the clause by allowing you leniency providing you make payments the following month on time. This type of loan is great for avoiding bad credit, foreclosures, and repossessions. The marketplace is swarming with realtors and other sources that will help you get a mortgage loan affordable to you with benefits included.

Car Loans
If you are applying for a car loan, it is also important to research the marketplace carefully before agreeing to any terms & conditions. Make sure that your find the best deals affordable to you. In college I learned a golden rule that applies to everyone. This rule is that most car dealers up the fees on cars 15%. This means if you negotiate with the dealer you can get a reduction on the vehicle up to 15%.

Credit Cards
Another word of advice is when applying for credit cards you want to stay away from cards that have fees attached with high interest rates. Avoid credit card offers that have upfront fees and offer a high line of credit. If some offers look to good to be true, it probably is. Credit card companies will offer low rates to reel you in. This is usually good to start but read the fine print because those low interest rates will jump after a period of time. If you pay your bill in full every month the rates won’t matter but if you begin to pay the minimum amount or more!

Student Loans
If you want to advance your education, you might want to consider student loans. You may be qualified for a student grant from the government. This is the first place you want to start before committing yourself to a loan agreement.