VA mortgage Struggling to pay mortgage

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VA mortgage Struggling to pay mortgage Louisiana

I am a United States - - veteran who is facing a foreclosure sale date on my home on -/-/-. I bought my house with a VA loan backed by the government and I know that there are programs and plans put in place to help homeowners in my situation ( lost my job ) but my lender Nationstar has not engaged in a fair negotiation and has not given me access to these programs. I have put myself into a better financial situation and have tried to get Nationstar to take another look at review for these programs but they are telling me it is too late and they are foreclosing on my home. I wanted to contact your agency to file a formal complaint. At the time of the purchase I had a good paying job working for the railroad, and moved into the home with my wife - and our - daughters. I had been moonlighting as a - - to supplement my income but was completely shocked when I lost my job

business and reached out to Nationstar to try and resolve this matter. After months of back and forth with paperwork, I was approved for a repayment plan with a monthly obligation of $2700.00. My original mortgage payment was approximately $1300.00, so this was more than double. In my situation I simply could not afford a double payment. I tried to apply again for a modification ( since I was not reviewed for that the first time ) and was told I was denied due to lack of income. This confused me - how could I be approved for a repayment plan with a payment of $2700.00 which would require substantial income and then be denied when applying for a modification which would hopefully put my payment closer to where it was before ( $1300.00 ). Obviously some type of error has been made on the Nationstar side. I have tried to resurrect my case with their agents but have run into brick walls and am now facing a foreclosure sale date. At this time my wife is working and I have slowly grown my - - business. I am also receiving a monthly VA retirement check and have a new job as well. Between all of these sources, we have the financial means to afford a fair and reasonable mortgage payment. However, Nationstar has refused to give me the opportunity for a new review.

NATIONSTAR MORTGAGE customer in Louisiana
Jul 26, 2018

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

NATIONSTAR MORTGAGE response to complaint:
Closed with explanation

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