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When I opened an account with Best Buy in 2002, I apparently agreed to a debt protection program when I opened the account that I was not aware of. I am gainfully employed and always have been and sincerely doubt Best Buy has my signature on file that I ever agreed to this program. I noticed this on my bill this month and called for an inquiry and was told that it was indeed when I was accepted for the card then. With all of the different portions of the bills regarding interest, etc, I never saw that, and I went to electronic billing years ago. As I am nearing retirement I am looking at my bills and what I thought was an insurance payment for an appliance was not. I have been paying over - a month for something I have never needed for over 15 years. The only thing Best Buy did was to send me a letter to say they have cancelled it. Yes, I am wrong in not seeing it before. I use this credit card about 1 a year So I could recognize what the balance should be. I never looked at the detail of the charges. And Best Buy in 15 years never sent any reminder or option to opt out of this. I have a measly - balance - go figure because of this. In this period I have paid - in debt protection that I have never needed or never used. This is outrageous. I know I am neglect and looking at my bills however how many other consumers are being charged this - and per the description subscribed unknowingly when they opened an account. I want my money back - now I understand why I have not been able to pay off this bill while they continue to raise my credit limit. Shop there - no more.

Citibank customer in Florida
Apr 10, 2017

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

Citibank response to complaint:
Closed with explanation

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