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Checking account Making/receiving payments, sending money

Wells Fargo & Company Bank account or service department,

Checking account Making/receiving payments, sending money California

I signed up for this website called -. It 's a website that helps young college students, like myself, find a sugar daddy. I signed up in hopes of someone being able to help pay for living, food, gas, rent and anything school related ( books, tuition, etc ). Unfortunately, during my search for a sugar daddy, I came across people who seemed like legitimate sugar daddies, but in the end played me like a fool. They would deposit these checks into my account after giving them my details, a foolish move on my part. I would contemplate giving them my bank details, so I created a new account in hopes of them not robbing me or stealing anything from my personal bank account. In doing so, I gave into the idea of them depositing checks into my account via mobile deposits. After they harrassed me to open an account or to give them my bank details, they finally deposited checks. There were two males, I have messages going back and forth between me and them to discuss these transactions. They had me run errands for them, buy - gift cards and

There was a third, but his checks were stopped immediately and I never got the chance to run his errands as well. I 've attached documents that show I 've purchased - gift cards, the - - purchase, the conversations we had and their contact information ( or what they gave me ). I did these errands in hopes of them being able to support me for a short period of time. Unfortunately, Wells Fargo returned the checks the gentlemen had deposited into my account thus placing me in crippling debt, overdraft of $2800.00. I reported this to Wells Fargo as soon as it popped up, which was around -/-/-. From -/-/- to -/-/-, I have been going on a goose chase trying to figure out what is going on and what 's next. The way Wells Fargo handled my situation and my questions were never consistently positive. Some people would be helpful but end up leading me down a dead-end, others gave me attitude and no help in resolving my questions. My frustration with Wells Fargo has put me in a position where I wish to close my accounts, but I ca n't. Wells Fargo has looked into my claim and has denied it, but with no way to request to fight their decision with evidence and proof of my doing with these " errands, '' I am left to pay it all off. Now, I am still enrolled at a four-year university, I have no job and I 'm already in debt for my student loans. I do n't have the money nor the capability to pay off this debt in a timely manner. This situation has placed me in a difficult spot because I will be graduating next Spring and if I have this on my belt I wo n't make it far in life. Already starting my adult life in crippling debt with no room to breathe or pay it off, it is very depressing. I am also looking to study abroad next semester, an opportunity that comes once in a lifetime and it looks as if I can no longer do such a thing. If paying this off means ruining my chance to study abroad, then I see no point in living. I would have to sell organs to pay this off and on time. Is there any way I can fight their decision and win this claim? Help me, please, I beg of you Bureau.

Wells Fargo & Company customer in California
Apr 03, 2017

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

Wells Fargo & Company response to complaint:
Closed with non-monetary relief

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