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Identity theft / Fraud / Embezzlement

Bank of America Credit card department,

Identity theft / Fraud / Embezzlement Arkansas

My banking/checking account with Bank of America was compromised. I received several new debit cards after the others were closed, somehow they, too were compromised. I asked Bank of America if it could be a specific vendor I was using, possibly they were obtaining my information. The claims totaled to nearly $5500.00 over the course of about - weeks. Bank of America denied my initial claims, I had them reopen the claims and explained to them that I was out of the country during a portion of the time when the charges were made. The charges were all foreign transactions, with untraceable web addresses, Bank of America said they denied the initial claims because it did n't seem " suspicious '' enough. That is literally what they told me. They said if it was a true act of fraud, the thieves would have made larger transactions instead of back to back, repetitive, same or similar amounts, less than $50.00, over an over. I do not understand how they can justify their reading on that. They asked me to send them information proving I was out of the country, on a cruise, which I promptly did. They postponed the " resolution

numbers from the temporary card and the second permanent card. Well of course it 's suspicious. The whole thing is suspicious, that 's why I reported it in the first place. I explained to them that I initially thought that the foreign transactions had something to do with the cruise line having my card & perhaps they were " charging as I went '' on the vacation, that was n't the case, the charges had nothing to do with the cruise line. This whole situation has been extremely stressful, as the amount is quite large, it 's irritating to me that Bank of America seems to not really care whether or not the money is credited or not. I thought that there were laws and Acts in place to protect consumers from things like this. Situations like this is why people do n't trust banks. I just need some advice or assistance in getting my money back, I 'm to the point now where I 'd almost accept even a portion of what was stolen, I just need some sort of resolution. ASAP. Thanks

Bank of America customer in Arkansas
Mar 21, 2017

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

Bank of America response to complaint:
Closed with explanation

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