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Conventional fixed mortgage Loan modification,collection,foreclosure

Specialized Loan Servicing LLC Mortgage department,

Conventional fixed mortgage Loan modification,collection,foreclosure Missouri

My mortgage was sold in -/-/- from - to Specialized Loan Servicing LLC ( SLS ). I contacted SLS regarding an application for a loan modification due to some unforeseen circumstances that had happened regarding my home. They mailed me out an application and I also printed one from their online website. I contacted them regarding how I should return the application. The lady said I could mail it to the address on the application, email it to the address on the application, or fax it to the number on the application. Since I had pictures to attach to the application I decided it would be best just to send it via email. The email address they gave was --. Every time I sent an email I got a confirmation email back saying my documents were received and waiting to be processed. Starting on -/-/-, I started receiving calls from SLS 's main number - the caller identified herself on my voice mail as - - with the underwriting department at Specialized Loan Servicing. After a few days of phone tag, we were finally able to touch base. I spoke with - on -/-/- and she was wanting to discuss

security number. She said this was for my protection. I received the paperwork and looked it over. The loan number on the paperwork was mine, the amounts added up, the phone numbers were to SLS so everything seemed legit especially since the only people who have my loan number were me and SLS. Remember loan numbers are NOT public information. I signed the document and sent it back to SLS 's email at -- and got a confirmation email back saying it was received and being processed. I also made 2 payments towards my trial period payments totaling $1200.00. On -/-/-, I received a call from SLS touching base to see how things were going and to let me know they were missing some documents to finish up a loan modification. I told him I always spoke with -, he said that - worked out of their - office and it was only by chance that I always got her. I explained I had already signed a modification agreement with them that - had sent me and made 2 of my three trial period payments. He looked at the agreement ( 6 days after they received it ) and told me it was n't something they had sent me. Then tells me the numbers on the agreement were n't to SLS he said that the number for where my loan was at was -. Obviously, - did n't have very good - because that is the exact number that was on my papers. I have made a report with my local sheriff 's office, the white collar crimes division of the FBI, and the fraud department with HAMP.

Specialized Loan Servicing LLC customer in Missouri
Feb 18, 2017

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

Specialized Loan Servicing LLC response to complaint:
Closed with explanation

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