SquareTwo Financial Corporation Debt Collection Complaint

Credit card False statements or representation attempted to collect wrong amount

SquareTwo Financial Corporation Debt collection department,

Credit card False statements or representation Attempted to collect wrong amount California

This complaint is against CACH , LLC, dba - & -. Funds were levied from an account to which I have no financial interest & which contained the direct deposit proceeds of my mother 's social security benefit payments. The funds taken exceeded the maximum as stated. Funds were not posted or forwarded as I was told had been done and were held for a period of two years after seizure. Both organizations failed to respond in a timely manners with accurate information to my requests or to the requests made to each other resulting in an erroneous accrual of interest and continued damage to my credit rating. As a result of errors a second account was erroneously levied and an additional amount seized from a savings account which contained the proceeds of my husband 's Veteran 's Administration - Benefits. To this date I have received false information and have yet to get resolution to this matter. I am seeking your assistance. The particulars follow.

- and the balance continued to rise exponentially even though we were making payments. In lieu of this we decided to focus our efforts elsewhere and unfortunately the account went into default. The account was purchased by CACH/-. A judgment was ordered by - - - Court and a default judgment entered on -/-/-. I did not fight the judgment because I did in fact owe the money. I did not agree with the amount but felt that there was little I could do. On -/-/- just before the - Holiday when banks and businesses are closed, a levy was sent to - in -, AZ and funds in the amount of $4800.00 were withdrawn. No notice was given and it was only discovered when my mother went to access her account. This account was my Mother 's Social Security direct deposit account. I was listed, along with my sister, as joint in the event that my mother needed emergency funds and was unable to access them for any reason. After multiple phone calls back and forth between myself, - -, and CACH/- as I attempted to have the illegally seized funds returned to my mother without success I made an agreement with my mother to pay her back. At this point I considered the matter closed and made restitution to my mother. Over one year later, in - I received a notice from CACH/- stating that the amount was still outstanding. I immediately called them and after being transferred around several times talked with - - who assured me that the matter would be resolved and that the funds were with the - County Sheriff 's Office. She would not give me a phone number or contact that I could follow up with stating that the matter was between them and the Sheriff 's Office. In -, - I received a letter from CACH/- stating that they were willing to renegotiate the amount owed and wipe out up to 70 % of the debt. As the - season was approaching and I was dealing with a multitude of family issues I decided to contact them after the holiday the following week. Imagine my surprise when I went to access our savings account at - only to discover that no funds were available because a lien had been served by CACH/- and $5100.00 had been seized. This now brings the total taken from accounts to $10000.00 which is $4500.00 more than the original amount ordered. As of this date I have received a check for $4400.00 from - - returning some of the funds taken in error. I have been unable to cash this check due to the way it is written.

SquareTwo Financial Corporation customer in California
Jan 19, 2017

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

SquareTwo Financial Corporation response to complaint:
Closed with monetary relief

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