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First Charged- -/-/2016 We called in immediately to report the fraud charge and were told to wait until the charge posted. We called back on -/-/2016 and spoke to a gentleman who was not in the Fraud Department. He stated that the Fraud Department was closed but he would assist us with processing the dispute. We called back the next day to confirm that the dispute was processed correctly. The lady we spoke with stated that he classified the dispute incorrectly. She correctly processed the dispute and assured us that we did not need to submit any information. On -/-/2016, we logged into our statement and the $1800.00 charge was rebilled with no notification. We called Chase and they claimed they tried to call us- which never happened. We told them we wanted to redisbute the charge were instructed to provide this statement. On -/-/-, we went to - - - to rent jet skis for one hour. Before we were allowed to take the jet skis out, we filled out paperwork with contact information and a release of liability. We also initialed a damage waiver, stating that we would cover any damages that we caused. This information was completed

jet skis to begin our ride. When I ( - - ) was shown my jet ski, I noted that it was covered in rips, tears, scuffs, and other damage on the seats as well as sides of the jet ski. I looked at the vendor. He stated for me not to worry, they will not " nickel and dime " us for damages. He also said the jet skis were going to be taken to a shop to be winterized and all the vacation season 's damage was going to be repaired. He stated that he had a " buddy '' that would be doing the work cheaply and laughed. At this point, he was very jovial and made multiple references to not worry about existing damage. He said not to worry, he would not put me on anything unsafe. Upon return, efore I reached the dock, the vender started yelling at me that I had damaged the jet ski. He pointed to the side and said that I caused the damage and that he would never have sent me out on that jet ski. I asked him if he was serious and stated that the damage was there before I took the jet ski out. We went to the dock area where he had a cabinet containing our forms and credit card.. He said he was going to charge us first for the ride, which was approximately $ -.He swiped the card then handed the iPad to - to sign. - looked at the iPad and noted that the charge was for $500.00. - asked why the charge was so much.The vendor said that this was for the damage and that he was doing us a favor by charging us only $500.00 ( shown as a temporary charge on our card ) instead of the full $1800.00. He said we signed a paper, stating that he could charge us $1800.00 and that as the owner to charge whatever he wanted. We again stated that we did not cause the damage and - stated that we felt we were being scammed. The vender ripped the - from - 's hand and said " you know what, you are right, I am going to charge you the full $1800.00. '' He reswiped the card. We stated that we did not authorize that charge. He said that it did not matter, he was the owner and would charge us whatever he wanted. He said we could dispute the charge if we wanted, but that the bank would side with him because he is the vender. He then signed the $1800.00 charge. We said that he can not sign for us and he said that he could because we had signed a paper earlier agreeing to an $1800.00 charge. He rang up the cost of the ride and said that we can sign it or not, that he was going to charge us either way.. We promptly left, given that he was being hostile. This is a scam.

JPMorgan Chase & Co. customer in Virginia
Jan 10, 2017

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

JPMorgan Chase & Co. response to complaint:
Closed with explanation

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