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FHA mortgage Loan modification,collection,foreclosure

Wells Fargo & Company Mortgage department,

FHA mortgage Loan modification,collection,foreclosure Utah

My ex boyfriend and I bought a home in - -. I was not able to be put on the origination loan documentation because I did not have two years of income in the - yet. He put me on the deed/title with him. Unfortunately, things did not work out and he moved out in -. He did not have any interest in retaining any interest in the property. He deeded the property solely to me when I fell upon a severe hardship so that I could do a modification. I submitted the quitclaim deed to Wells Fargo in -. They have acknowledged that they have it on file. They had a full document packet on file - -, but took longer than 30 days to review it twice, told me to resubmit documents, told me the RMA was expired for being more than 30 days old. Documents DO NOT E-PIRE once they are reviewed and are required to be reviewed within 30 days! They then refused to review the modification because they refused to acknowledge the quitclaim deed for me to do a modification stating because the borrower had not died and we

IN *NO WAY* A PETITIONER IN MY BANKRUPTCY. I AM THE SOLE PETITIONER. As soon as the home was released from foreclosure into bankruptcy and I was able to make payments again, Wells Fargo adjusted my interest rate and my payment exceeded the affordable payment for me. The home caught fire and then flooded, I am - and could not fix it. In - - I asked the bankruptcy court to release the property from the bankruptcy so that I could do a short sale. The home is worth about - with the current damage, I have a current offer on the home for $220000.00, I owe about $230000.00. I complied with the court and placed the home for sale. Wells Fargo AGAIN told me to submit a documentation packet for the short sale and third party authorization for my real estate agent. I did so. Several times before they acknowledged receiving it. I received a phone call this past week from Wells Fargo stating that AGAIN that they would NOT comply with the quitclaim deed. The affidavit the gov't provides, - and CFPB clearly outlines that A QUITCLAIM DEED IS A VIABLE DOCUMENT THAT CAN BE USED FOR RETENTION OR LIQUIDATION options. I understand that a quitclaim deed does not assume a loan. I should n't have to quote the RMA / Hardship Affidavit/- to my servicer! THIS IS A LINK AND QUOTE FROM THEIR WEBSITE ( " Divorce or legal separation, or separation unrelated by marriage, civil union, or similar domestic partnership under applicable law Divorce decree signed by the court, or Separation agreement signed by the court, or Current credit report evidencing divorce, separation, or non-occupying borrower has a different address, OR Recorded Quitclaim deed evidencing that the non-occupying borrower or co-borrower has relinquished all rights to the property - - I ALSO should n't have to teach MY OWN RELATIONSHIP MANAGER how to look up my insurance and tax information in -! I have spoken to an attorney who advised me to file this complaint, and has also advised me to contact all of my state reps, - -, and the CFPB to notify all of them of unfair practices, violations in regulations, refusal to acknowledge a quitclaim deed recorded b the county with MULTIPLE letters from the original borrower telling Wells Fargo to work with me. My intent from here, is that I will be forced to file a declaratory action against Wells, march them into court, and ask the judge to force them to recognize the quitclaim deed that WELLS FARGO ALREADY ACKNOWLEDGED IN MY BANKRUPTCY

Wells Fargo & Company customer in Utah
Jan 06, 2017

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

Wells Fargo & Company response to complaint:
Closed with explanation

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