Bridgecrest Acceptance Corporation Consumer Loan Complaint

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Bridgecrest Acceptance Corporation Consumer Loan department,

Installment loan Taking out the loan or lease Texas

I have been back and fourth with this company now for almost a year about removing his fraudulent account from my credit. I asked them to VERIFY this account with proof of my signature SEVERAL times and this final time I was asked by Bridgecrest for me to mail in copies of my license, social security card, and a Notarized Theft Affidavit which I did only to receive a letter a week letter requesting the SAME E-ACT information ... I called Bridgecrest on today -/-/2017 and spoke to a rep that said that - ( another rep ) at this company " verified '' my signatures matched on everything. This is the SAME information have been requesting for almost a year in writing which I KNOW is COMPLETE -. Because this is a fraudulent account. I have done my part as far as disputes, Theft Affidavit 's, and reporting to CFPB. Bridgecrest can wash their hands with getting paid for this -. account because it will NEVER happen. You should investigate better when something is being brought to your attention as well as hire people at your locations to do better jobs at verifying peoples identity " WE ALL DO N'T LOOK ALIKE ''.

Bridgecrest Acceptance Corporation customer in Texas
Jan 05, 2017

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

Bridgecrest Acceptance Corporation response to complaint:
Closed with explanation

Consumer disputes how Bridgecrest Acceptance Corporation handled their complaint

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