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FHA mortgage Loan modification,collection,foreclosure

Citibank Mortgage department,

FHA mortgage Loan modification,collection,foreclosure Arkansas

-/-/2016 I filed an application for a mortgage modification. We had a hardship the prior year and tried modifying our mortgage back then but was denied due to missing information. So we started to try and catch up on our mortgage on our own but was not possible. So the application was submitted along with all required documents. Our mortgage bank ( Citi Mortgage ) sent a letter stating that " ALL '' documents have been received and no further information was needed. Since we were denied before for application being incomplete i continued to send pay stubs and bank information. I followed up with the bank 1-2 weekly ... always told application is pending with the underwriter. As of today it 's been 3 months pending and about 2 weeks ago I received a foreclosure letter with a date set for -/-/-. As I get home today I received another letter asking me to send in all the documents again. The same information they already have and I have emails and regular mail stating all required information is complete. I contact the foreclosure attorney that is assigned our case and they had no idea we had a pending modification and can only stop it when the bank contacts them. I then contact the bank and they keep telling me that there is nothing they can do until they receive notice from the underwriter. Looks like the foreclosure will go through before we can get a loan modification agreement. I need help, who do i contact ....

Citibank customer in Arkansas
Jan 05, 2017

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

Citibank response to complaint:
Closed with explanation

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