Hunter Warfield, Inc. Debt Collection Complaint

Other (i.e. phone, health club, etc.) Disclosure verification of debt right to dispute notice not received

Hunter Warfield, Inc. Debt collection department,

Other (i.e. phone, health club, etc.) Disclosure verification of debt Right to dispute notice not received Florida

On - - - Hunter Warfield responded to a complain i filed with the CFPB on - - - ( case number - ). The complaint was filed because while checking my credit report i found and account from this company listed on my file from which i had never received any communication from and when i disputed the account with them they sent me a letter requesting more time. Their response states that they did send me verification when the obtained the account but the documentation they sent to " back up '' their claim shows otherwise. The documentation they sent through the CFPB portal is as follows. Rental application, Move out statement, and their verification letter. Now looking at these documents you can see that the apartment complex noted i gave them notice and moved out on - - - and Hunter Warfield claims they sent me a letter on -/-/-..But they did not send it to the address i gave the apartment complex they sent it to the apartment from which i had moved out of over month before they claimed to have sent their verification letter had they sent the letter to my correct address which the apartment complex has this matter would have been taken care of. Now to add insult to injury they have not only increased the original balance from $2600.00 to $2800.00 they are not KNOWINGLY reporting the original amount as $2800.00 on my -, -, and - files. In their response to my original complaint they note tht i must contact - - about this account on - - - i mailed a letter to - to settle this account which was delivered on - - - and i have not received any response.

Hunter Warfield, Inc. customer in Florida
May 19, 2016

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

Hunter Warfield, Inc. response to complaint:
Closed with explanation

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