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To whom it may concern : My name is - - - I 'm a - American Veteran/- - - - - Soldier. I 'm having a major problem with my car loan financial, lender. Since returning home, I 've been going through numerous surgeries ; here at the VA hospital in -, NM. First Investors is the name of my lender, coming out of surgeries I was 26 days past due on my account. I had the company withdrew $800.00 from my - - - checking account on -/-/2016. The remaining balance of $490.00 was to be paid on -/-/2016. My phone conversation to them before -/-/2016, was that I would be calling in with a different bank account number ; because my military bank account I would have the money on the -/-/2016. Well, with the pain and suffering that I 'm going through I was n't able to call in that day. The very next day, I tried the internet and trying to place in the numbers of my account ; and it kept kicking me out and stated. That my account numbers does n't match. I even put in my social security number, and it would

place on holding. I was able to reach, them yesterday evening MDT zone. According to the manager in collection that I owed a balance of $490.00. I said yes, and I 've been trying to pay. The collection manager told me, since I paid from my checking account of $800.00. That they assumed they would get the $490.00 from my - account to clear up my balance. I told the manager, I did not authorize them to take additional money from this account. I tried so hard for them to understand, not withdrew any money. The manager kept saying if no money is in - account, they 're going to make it bad for me. I tried to transfer the money, from my military account and I was told I have to wait 2-3 business days. I told First Investors I did not authorized no $490.00 to be taken out. I 'm getting another check on -/-/2016, where all my payments will be caught up. How many days past due on my account, 2 weeks. I gave this country 22 years of my life, to protect domestic and foreign against all enemies. Where can I retrive some patience of I 'm not 30 days past due, or I do not want any NSF charge on my new account at - - - here in - -, NM. I know they need there money, yet when I spoke to the lender at the beginning of the loan ; I mentioned to them, I 'm a - American Veteran, there maybe times when I 'm going miss ; but no 30 days past due if all possible. I received an answer, with all due respect - - ; they would work with me. I 'm saddened that this was n't the case, at this time. They pressure to retrive my business, yet they 're not willing to work with me. I will be calling them again for the day, I called earlier and the - told me ; all there computers are down. It 's now - - MDT. My phone number is - - - -, my email address is --. - - - - phone number is -

First Investors Financial Services Group, Inc. customer in New Mexico
May 03, 2016

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

First Investors Financial Services Group, Inc. response to complaint:
Closed with explanation

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