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Other mortgage Loan modification,collection,foreclosure

Arvest Bank Mortgage department,

Other mortgage Loan modification,collection,foreclosure Florida

Dear Sirs and Madams Arvest Bank, Arvest mortgage is now saying that there is other funds of $2000.00 in complaint - as a response. But before they did not mention any of those funds at all from Insurance claim, a Claim of funds in anyway you look at it are funds to be used for the purpose of repairing my Homestead. So I 'm a little confused of you sending me the funds to my name as shown in that case - let me get this straight I 'm behind on monthly mortgage payments and you are so kind to give me a check $2000.00 ( DOES THAT MAKE ANY SENSE ) I will not commit fraud by me cashing that check as I see those your intentions those funds belong to General contractor and mathematics are $87000.00 + $ - $ - of course Arvest Bank, Arvest Mortgage do as they wish I guess changing Mathematics as well, I will continue to due the correct and the lawful thing which is put VOID in that check as it does not belong to me. Where ever those funds are at this time your guess is as good as mine but

instead you gave him a check for the amount of $19000.00 at this time - - - tells me that is a legal binding of Contract with Arvest Bank, Arvest Mortgage, Central Mortgage and myself - -. You have received a 100 % completion of his work by your choice of Inspections and till this date you keep saying that the checks have been distributed but at the end of the day - - has only received $19000.00 plus $10000.00. You can dispute all you want as well as your Mathematics skills. This hole ordeal is making my health to deteriorate getting - not being able to sleep or eat or function. How much can a person take - Get sued by Arvest Mortgage - My father gets diagnosed with - - - I loose my - - - father passes away - - House - down - Negotiating back and fourth with Insurance trying to match General Contractors numbers for 6 months - - attorney gives my rights away in a NON-Jury that I was not aware - - Arvest Bank, Arvest Mortgage, - Bank, - - break in to my Homestead and steal what little I had left - - a LIEN on my home not being able to modify with -

Arvest Bank customer in Florida
Feb 23, 2016

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

Arvest Bank response to complaint:
Closed with explanation

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