PMAB, LLC Debt Collection Complaint

Medical Communication tactics called after sent written cease of comm

PMAB, LLC Debt collection department,

Medical Communication tactics Called after sent written cease of comm Florida

I received a telephone call from PMAB , LLC of - NC on -/-/15 notifying me of alleged medical debt. After verifying my address and phone number, I informed the representative that I would like proof of the debt and that I had no intention of paying the alleged debt until I was shown proof. He told me he would send proof. I subsequently received a - % Offer Letter '' dated -/-/15 ( which is not proof ), and missed phone calls from PMAB 's number - on -/-/15 ( - ), -/-/15 ( - ), and -/-/15 ( - ). At no time did the company leave a message or identify themselves via voicemail. On -/-/15 after receiving the final missed call from PMAB, I contacted PMAB to obtain their fax number for correspondence. I was given - which I confirmed with the -. I drafted a cease and desist letter and faxed it to PMAB on -/-/15 -. Fax confirmed the transmission was

regarding medical debt. '' I informed her that PMAB was in violation of the Debt Collection Practices Act because I had previously faxed a cease and desist letter and yet received another call. She stuttered for a moment and stated well that letter is n't in your file ... it must have gotten lost on the fax. '' I told her that I would be filing a compliant with the FTC to which she responded with yeah, well, that 's fine ... whatever '' and then promptly disconnected the call.

PMAB, LLC customer in Florida
Jul 17, 2015

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

PMAB, LLC response to complaint:
Closed with explanation

Consumer disputes how PMAB, LLC handled their complaint

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