FHA mortgage Trouble during payment process


FHA mortgage Trouble during payment process North Carolina

- closed out Complaint # - and has NOT provided my reqeust for information regarding the documentation of discrepancies stated within the letter submitted by - representative, Mr. - -, Office of the Customer, dated -/-/2019. I contacted Mr. - upo # - upon receipt of this submitted letter on -/-/2019 and to date, have not received a response as promised. Attached includes my email following my phone call with Mr. -, supporting documents, and request for - to provide supporting documentation of the wire transfer return to the closing attorney as he claims on the letter he submitted to CFPB the wire was returned on -/-/2019 to the closing attorney. 1. -/-/2019 : - - ( " Borrower '' ) requested through - website a payoff quote for the above referenced loan and added comment : This property is located at - - - - - NC - and is currently under contract for sale. The scheduled closing date is

-. Thank you for your assistance. - - - Loan - 2. -/-/2019. Lakeview Loan Servicing , LLC Issued a Payoff Statement with Request Date : -/-/2019, Issue Date -/-/2019 in the amount of $210000.00. The total amount is good through -/-/2019. Payoff Information incudes ... '' Payoff funds must be sufficient to cover all escrow advances, interest, prepayment penalties principal, and fees. " If additional funds are needed, we will notify you and we must receive funds within two business days. '' ( a ) The closing attorney, - - received this payoff statement via FA- ( b ) Borrower, - -, received this payoff statement via U.S. Postal Service 3. -/-/2019 : Property Closing/Settlement. The closing attorney, - -, wired funds to - in the amount of $210000.00. The amount per the Payoff Statement issued on -/-/2019. 4. -/-/2019 : ( 7 days following closing ) The closing attorney, - -, received notification and return of the entire amount of the wire transfer sent on -/-/2019 in the amount of $210000.00 ( see attached notification dated Tue, -/-/2019 at - - ). 5. -/-/2019 : The closing attorney, - -, and Borrower ( - - ) contacted - via phone to try and resolve the return of the wire transfer. - requested documentation of the return wire via email and stated - would investigate the wire return and contact us within 1-5 business days. ( See attached email from closing attorney dated -/-/2019 to - ) 6. -/-/2019 : Borrower ( - - ) received new Payoff Statement via U.S. Postal Service on -/-/2019. It was upon receipt of this hard copy when Borrower was informed exactly how much the payoff shortage was. This new Payoff Statement had an Issue Date of -/-/2019, Payoff Amount that included the shortage with a total due of $210000.00 but the total amount was only good through -/-/2019 ( the same day it was issued but not received by Borrower until -/-/2019 ). Borrower and closing attorney would have immediately have paid the shortage had we know the amount due from the Issued -/-/2019 Payoff Statement but - refused to accept the amount of $210000.00 since funds were not provided by the good through date of -/-/2019. This was impossible since we had no idea the wire was not accepted until the closing attorney received the return wire from - on -/-/2019. 7. I contacted - several times from the time I received the new Payoff Statement ( Issued -/-/2019 ) on -/-/2019 through -/-/2019 without resolution to pay the -/-/2019 Payoff in the amount of $210000.00. With no other option and to avoid - to continue to charge fees, interest and penalties while trying to resolve this matter, I requested a Payoff on -/-/2019 which was issued on -/-/2019 in the amount of $210000.00. Upon receipt via U.S. Postal Service on -/-/2019 of this new Payoff Statement, I contacted - via email on -/-/2019 ( see attached email ) advising that a wire transfer in this amount would be sent but I did not agree with this amount while I simultaneously filed a complaint with the CFPB. 8. -/-/2019. - issued a notification to Borrower to acknowledge the payoff of the loan. During our phone call today, you advised I would receive a response within 24 hours regarding : 1. Return of Wire Transfer. In your attached letter you stated to CFPB that " Only -/-/2019, the payoff funds were reversed and returned to sender ... '' I have included the return wire documentation dated -/-/2019. You stated that dates are " manually '' entered into your system and you would need to confirm within your organization. If - insists that funds were wired on -/-/2019, kindly reqeust documentation to support the -/-/2019 wire return. 2. Your letter states - received the payoff funds on -/-/2019. The attached wire return has a date " Originator to Beneficiary Info : -. It appears the funds were wired by the closing attorney as stated on -/-/2019 but perhaps you meant to state per the statement terms " Funds received in our office after - EST will be processed the next business day. In this case, would have been -/-/2019. Thank you for your assistance in the matter. I look forward to hearing from you as promised tomorrow, -/-/2019 in hopes we can bring resolution to this unfortunate matter and close out all complaints filed. If - is unable to respond as promised on -/-/2019, kindly reqeust an email as to when - will provide the above requested information and intent to resolve this matter.

LAKEVIEW LOAN SERVICING, LLC customer in North Carolina
Sep 22, 2019

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

LAKEVIEW LOAN SERVICING, LLC response to complaint:
Closed with monetary relief

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