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FHA mortgage Struggling to pay mortgage

M&T BANK CORPORATION Mortgage department,

FHA mortgage Struggling to pay mortgage Washington

We're two months behind on our payments with our mortgage company. We have tried working with them but they refuse to work with us. We have 1 full mortgage payment plus the late fee and extra. Its not the full 2 months owed but they refuse to take the money until we have the full 2 months worth. Which is just ridiculous because then we get even farther behind in payments while they wait. It is very hard to fix anything with this company when they will not budge at all. We tried to get a loan modification earlier in the year and they denied us because they kept saying they didn't receive the documents we sent them or they got lost and then it was well we need more information from you. We don't see how this is possible when we wrote our loan # on every document sent just like they asked. When mailing the documents we also did a certified mail receipt which would tell us they had to sign for it in order to receive the documents and we got the confirmation. So we truthfully believe they are lying to us about not receiving the documents

personal situation to them. How can we fix something if this company won't even budge to work with us in any type of way. Here is our current situation and why it is hard for us to make ends meet. Our - - - daughter has been struggling with her - - since the age of - - -. She not only suffers from - but also struggles with -, -, - and she is -. She has been going to therapy for all of these things since the age of -. In - of - she told us that everyone would be better off without her. Her therapist, my wife and myself have been working very hard to stabilize her - -. But unfortunately it took a turn for the worse on -/-/- when - - - - - - - - -. Due to the intensive need of her care this crisis situation resulted in my wife having to go on a FMLA ( family medical leave of absence ). Our daughter has been hospitalized 4 times due to her - - since -/-/-. Our mortgage payment is the biggest bill that we have in our household and we are struggling greatly to make this payment. We are also struggling to keep on the electric, gas, water, phones, car payment and keep groceries in our home. Having a car is required for all the appointments that my wife and daughter need to go to every week for her treatment and gasoline is also part of that cost. My engine blew in my vehicle, which resulted in me having to purchase a new vehicle because I could not afford to miss work and had no other means of transportation. After doing so I discovered that the vehicle I purchased had mechanical issues and which was another expense that set us back even more. My wife was struggling to find the time between appointments and the energy to return to work because our daughter 's care was and still is so intensive. Sleep for her was very limited due to having to check on her so often. Even though her energy was so low and our daughters care was intensive my wife made the decision to return to work in order to keep us from losing our home. My wife was on the FMLA starting -/-/- and her work was able to accommodate our daughters appointment schedule so that my wife could return to work. She returned to work as of -/-/-. She had only been back at work for a little over 2 months when on -/-/- our daughter - - - - - -. I say this with a lump in my throat. - - - - - - - - - - -. We are all so thankful that I found her in the time that I did because she would not be here today. We called authorities and they took her to the hospital where she stayed for 2 days and was then transported to a - - -. We pushed for her to get long term because we had been doing every thing possible to keep her safe and it wasn't enough. So in order to take better care of our daughter and herself, she couldn't do it all it was too much stress to keep doing both, my wife and I made the decision together that it would be best for her to quit her job. Things have been rough for us financially but because my wife is able to solely focus on what our daughter needs and her own self care our family is healing. We even have more appointments surrounding my daughter than before. Which include every week parent support, safety meetings, - and wrap around team meetings. We also have - younger children that my wife cares for and adding my wife 's school schedule to all of these appointments makes it difficult for her to seek work and keep working. We really are trying to work with this company but they will not work with us. We have told them all of our struggles just as we have shared on here today. So please help us get this complaint to this company to help us resolve this issue. We need them to accept our loan modification or mitigation. We are not sure which one it is supposed to be. We do not want to lose our home and we are doing everything we can to keep it. We have 1 full mortgage payment including the late fee but M & T Bank told us they would not accept this payment and required the 2 previous months owed. With the 2 previous months owed and the current payment due we now owe 3 months in total. So we're not really sure where to go from here.

M&T BANK CORPORATION customer in Washington
Dec 19, 2018

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

M&T BANK CORPORATION response to complaint:
Closed with non-monetary relief

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