TransUnion Intermediate Holdings, Inc. Credit Reporting Complaint

Unable to get credit report/credit score problem getting my free annual report

TransUnion Intermediate Holdings, Inc. Credit reporting department,

Unable to get credit report/credit score Problem getting my free annual report California

Some weeks ago I was visiting your site and pursued contacting the main three credit reporting agencies. I was sent correspondence from - and TransUnion that I needed to submit documented proof that I live at my current address as I have since 2009. Yesterday, I received the attached correspondence from TransUnion that my current California Driver License, a - Medical Bill, Department of Veterans Affairs documentation and I believe a utility bill. Apparently this is still not good enough and I believe TransUnion in particular just does not want to comply and provide me with a free credit report so that I might manage my own identity and credit protection. They seem to keep coming back with a lame excuse that what I am sending from their own criteria is insufficient to prove where I live. It has gotten ridiculous and frustrating. It appears if I pay them for it, there would be no problem. I keep getting jerked around and around. - has not bothered to respond despite sending more that the proof documentation they require. - seems just to have ignored my request all together as I have never heard back. Again, I made these requests through the link on your site. I do not know what the problem is other than this is nothing new as these people seem to wield some sort of arrogant power that does not serve the consumer. Especially when it comes to removing inaccurate information which impacts credit. On example, regards a closed child support case from years ago and showing it is still open. I wish there would be more regulation over this group.

TransUnion Intermediate Holdings, Inc. customer in California
Apr 12, 2017

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

TransUnion Intermediate Holdings, Inc. response to complaint:
Closed with non-monetary relief

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