Citibank Credit Card Complaint


Citibank Credit card department,

North Carolina

I was stupid enough to charge some items at MACY 'S on my Macy 's credit card over -. I was unable to log into my account online to make the payment because Macy 's had updated the system and I simply did n't have the patience to navigate their irritating and obscure system. However, I called Macy 's and paid my bill for $ - a day or two late - was assured that there would be no late charges because I was a customer in good standing, yada yada, and received a confirmation number that I had paid the bill in full. I then received a bill for $2.00 in interest. OK, I agree - I had n't paid the $140.00 on time, regardless of the reason. Whatever. So I paid that $2.00 bill immediately, by check, and left the country for an extended absence - in complete confidence that I had

Imagine my surprise when I returned to the US and found that Macy 's had received and cashed my check, but charged me a further $2.00 anyway as a minimum interest charge on the interest charge that had been paid in full, well before the due date. Oh, and then added a further minimum $2.00 charge for a total of $4.00, due on -. I called Macy 's right away and spoke to one -, who did n't seem to have a clue why I was irritated, but eventually - very grudgingly and with full implication that I was a total deadbeat - agreed that she would " waive '' the $4.00. Imagine my FURTHER surprise when I received a FURTHER email from Macy 's about my " account balance. '' I immediately called, went through endless voice prompts, and finally got through to a live human being who said in hushed tones that she 'd have to put me through to another department. Sure enough, I got the " this is an attempt to collect a debt '' speech. The glorious -, according to the faultlessly polite CS rep who answered, had failed to properly credit my account. He agreed that he could correct it and that my account would update eventually to show a $0.00 balance. However, he was unable to reassure me that this, um, " delinquency '' had not been reported to the credit bureaux that make a darn good living off selling my info, and he could not send me a letter saying that Macy 's had made a mistake. Given that the glorious - had also assured me that I had a $0.00 balance on my Macy 's charge card, forgive me if I 'm not confident that I do in fact now have a $0.00 balance. I do not give a flying whatever about my credit as I am old and cranky and do n't need any credit. I DO care that Macy 's total incompetence and the Macy 's system that is set up to fail, to their benefit and to consumers ' detriment, affects kids and other people who DO need good credit.

Citibank customer in North Carolina
Apr 13, 2017

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

Citibank response to complaint:
Closed with monetary relief

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