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In -/-/- I purchased a computer from Best Buy on a promotional balance of 12 months no interest for $1300.00. on -/-/- I made a regular purchase of $100.00. On -/-/- I made a regular purchase of - and I made a return on -/-/- for ( $81.00 ). I made a regular purchase for $120.00 on -/-/- and on -/-/- I made a regular purchase of $37.00. Beginning in -/-/- I was making payments well above my minimum to pay off my promotional balance before it expired in -/-/-. To be exact $100.00 payments were made from -/-/--/-/- and in -/-/- I paid $25.00. In -/-/- $510.00 in payments were made. In short, I paid $1300.00 in payments from -/-/--/-/- and on my current statement they 've charged me $260.00 in interest for my promotional balance and they are telling me that I still have a promotional balance of $190.00. They chose to appy the bulk of my payments to the regular purchases of $290.00 instead of applying my payments to my promotional balance so it would be paid off before the expiration. When I called today to speak with customer service the agent told me that she would use the payments that I 've made in excess of the minimum payment and apply them towards the promotional balance and remove the interest charge. I asked for a supervisor and the supervisor told me that she would n't do that and I had to pay the $190.00 promotional balance before -/-/- or they would not remove the interest charges. I will NEVER use this card again! This is highway robbery! I am beyond frustated and angry.

Citibank customer in Mississippi
Apr 12, 2017

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

Citibank response to complaint:
Closed with monetary relief

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