Experian Bank Account Or Service Complaint

Checking account Making/receiving payments, sending money

Experian Bank account or service department,

Checking account Making/receiving payments, sending money Texas

This is a complaint against - - - filed by - -. I have been a customer with - - - since -/-/2015. Since this time they have shown to be unethical. Totally disrespect I have direct deposits and every time I would receive a direct deposits I would notice money missing from my accounts even when I was n't using the card. In -/-/- I had to get a print out of my transaction history. For - when I looked at my transaction history I notice money was being paid to Experian Credit, - - and - which I had not authorize. I contact - - - filed a dispute against the - companies. The money was returned. They cancelled the card and put a tempary freeze on the account until they investigate. Then in - the took the money put of my account account again. I called them they said they find in favorite of the business and I need to contact the business and get my money refund back. I called Experian talk to customer service clerk she ask for my Ss no. I told her I do n't give that information out so finally I give

I do n't know an - - but I know a - - but neither one of them live at this address. She ask if they had access to my information. I told them no they do n't live here and have no knowledge of what Bank I use. They asked if I left the information on my computer its possible but I doubt it because no one lives in this house but me. And I told them - - does not need to steal money from me. If anything I might need to borrow some from him. But for as - - I do n't know an - -. They said since the card was in my possession. I probably did it or let someone use my card. I told them not I did n't. I asked to speak to a manager. They transfer me to -. I ask her to refund the money she said they can only transfer on payment back if that. Have my bank to dispute it. I called - - - and gave them the information. The said the dispute is closed you can file a reconsideration. I did the said because we have the same last names and I had possession of the card the dispute is closed.

Experian customer in Texas
Apr 11, 2017

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

Experian response to complaint:
Closed with non-monetary relief

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