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Citibank Credit card department,

Delinquent account District of Columbia

I have a Macy 's credit card which is serviced through Chase. On -/-/2017, I paid my balance in full of $500.00 and assumed that I had a - balance. On -/-/2017, my card was charged $9.00 in interest charges and on -/-/2017, my card was charged $2.00 for a " minimum interest charge, '' and was again charged $2.00 on -/-/2017. I received emails from Macy 's to login and check my statements, but since I knew that I paid my balance in full in -/-/- and had not used my card to purchase anything, I did not feel the need to login to my account ( their website is very confusing ). I received a notification from - that my credit score - which was previously around - - had changed and it had dropped to the - due to Chase reporting me for delinquency. I logged into my account and found that I had a balance of $13.00 - all of which was just interest and fees accrued AFTER I paid my bill in full. I paid the $13.00 on -/-/2017 ( when I realized what happened ) and tried to file a dispute, but became overwhelmed

Today I received notification that my private student loan through - has raised its interest rate for the fifth time in about six months to 9.50 %, and I sought a soft quote from - to refinance my student loan. I was told that my credit score was - and that the key factors that affected my score are the time since delinquency is too recent or unknown and the number of accounts with delinquency ( I have no other accounts with missed payments ). I do not have anyone who can cosign for me, as required by Citizens, and did not think that I would need one as I have made years worth of consecutive on-time payments to my student lenders ( I am over - ) and my annual income has been over $ - for the past few years. I need help fixing my credit score so that I can attempt to get refinancing of my student loans, as I am carrying about $65000.00 worth of student debt.

Citibank customer in District of Columbia
Apr 05, 2017

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

Citibank response to complaint:
Closed with monetary relief

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