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I sent Regions Mortgage a notice for Full Disclosure concerning our loan agreement, after discovering that there was material concealed and omitted from the agreement that I and my wife never agreed to, nor gave permission for Regions Mortgage to conduct. I requested for Full Disclosure for all Bookkeeping Journal Entries associated with our loan, which I have a right to by law, and Regions Mortgage replied to me by saying ; they decline to respond to my request, saying that it is irrelevant to our mortgage loan account. In all actuality, nothing could be more relevant to our mortgage loan account, because Regions Mortgage knows that Full Disclosure of the Bank Bookkeeping Entries, prove that they are in Breach of Agreement, and once again, I have a right to this information, by Law of Evidence! I requested for Regions Mortgage to give me Full Disclosure of the Deposit Slip for the Deposit of our Promissory Note associated with our loan, and they replied by saying ; my request is both unduly burdensome and irrelevant, and therefore Regions Mortgage declined to show me our Deposit Slip of our Promissory Note, which we have a right to by law! Regions Mortgage

bank deposits the note, they must give you a deposit receipt, as mentioned in 12 U S C A Sec 1813. We know that Regions is in Breach of Agreement and has broken the law, and all we are asking for, is the Full Title to our home, showing paid for in full and fully discharged, and we will not demand for Full Disclosure to the Bank Bookkeeping Entries and for the Deposit Slip of our Promissory Note. Regions did not deny the deposit of our Promissory Note, because the Federal Reserve Publication already reveals that the banks do not give loans ; but they are to take the borrows Promissory Note in exchange for credits to the borrowers transaction accounts, which is an exchange, not a loan.

Regions Financial Corporation customer in Arkansas
Apr 04, 2017

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

Regions Financial Corporation response to complaint:
Closed with explanation

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