Citibank Credit Card Complaint


Citibank Credit card department,

Arbitration New Hampshire

On -/-/- I contacted -, T- - at approximately - which Texas is behind me I believe 2 hours or so. I spoke with - about an - - -. Order of process : -/-/- - agreed to $650.00 for - liter with - miles and $200.00 for shipping totaling $850.00 paid by Credit Card Citi - Should either be shipped out Friday the - or Monday the -/-/-. Currently waiting for email reply with receipt and bol or tracking number. By -/-/- I still had not received any confirmation email of any kind. No receipt, tracking or BOL. So I tried to call - and on the other end a greeting asking you to enter the parties extension, no company greeting like welcome to - just a generic recording to

I then contacted Citi Bank - and open a dispute and closed out that account. I told them the same story and the investigation went on for 3 months and twice Citi reversed the charge back to me. I would contact them and they would then reopen the case. Now they say that they have exhausted their efforts and the merchant states that I refused the engine. Not true the dispute opened on -/-/- and without my knowledge tried to deliver the engine on a tractor trailer without a lift gate to my mechanic. At this point the order from -/-/- had already been in dispute 6 - 7 days. So no, the engine was refused for two reasons 1. disputed 2. no lift gate either way this was a mutt point. The merchant ( - ) was suppose to email me a receipt and tracking information, which they never did. They were also suppose to make sure the truck delivering it had a lift gate since the shop it was going to did not have a fork lift. Since I never received and email correspondence even though I did email them in the beginning and they did get it and it never bounced back so you know they had the email address 1. I gave it to - and 2. I emailed him asking for a picture. -/-/- five days go by and no email confirmation. So on the -/-/- I opened a case against - and closed my account and was reissued a new credit card with a new number. -/-/- I received a voicemail from the shop where the engine was suppose to be delivered to stating that there was an engine on a tractor trailer without a lift gate for me and he had thought I had already canceled this and even if I had not he had no way of getting it off the truck ( no lift gate ). Now the credit card company CiTi Bank says that I refused it and that is why they are charging it back to me. Not true, dispute was started 6 or 7 days before they tried to deliver it. It 's not my fault that I could not get in touch with via phone since their phone only had a recording to enter an extension?? This is an $850.00 charge and Citi Bank does not seem to care that they are making me pay for something I never received.

Citibank customer in New Hampshire
Apr 03, 2017

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

Citibank response to complaint:
Closed with monetary relief

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