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I am writing to you in hopes that you all take drastic action against Citi Mortgage in regards to the continued illegal Mortgage Activities. I have uncovered the continued massive fraud utilizing Mortgage Assignments. They may have been released from the -/-/- Consent order but the Fraud continues. Attached are my findings : Citi mortgage Notaries are illegally notarizing Mortgage Assignments. Not only are they fraudulently and illegally utilizing their own signature and state notary seal, but they are forging and illegally signing Assignments that should be signed by representatives ( Vice Presidents ). Attached is a small sampling of documents that were created by - ( Florida ), which is their fraudulent document mill. You can clearly see on all of the documents that they were manipulated in some form or fashion. Although these assignment documents are supposed to be different and stand alone, they are not. In one section of the document from the Vice President 's signature down to the Notaries signature and seal are all the same, on all of the documents. We can rule out the use of a stamp, because there would be minor differences on the documents, which means that the

the stamp you will see that these signatures are exactly the same. If you know anything about electronic signatures, you also know that there is a footprint or validation that goes along with that signature. There is none on these documents. Also if they claim that they are utilizing electronic signatures it is highly doubtful, especially in this case. The person signing the document would have to sign into a computer, sign the document electronically and then forward the document to the notary. The notary would then have to electronically sign the document, which defeats the purpose of notarizing and validating the signature on the document. We all know this is impossible, especially since they have to do this thousands of times per day. There must be hundreds of thousands of these fraudulent documents. I only pulled examples from a few counties in the state of Maryland. I can just imagine what the actual amount is throughout the United States. Also keep in mind that the majority of these documents were created in -/-/-, so although you were cleared/released from the consent order, the fraud and deception continues to thrive. I need not go into all of the ramifications that will come out of this, but it is enormous. Also attached you will also find a small sampling of more fraudulently and illegally notarized Citi Mortgage Assignments. As you can see, there are individuals that prepared the document. You will also see that the same person that created the document is the same person that Notarized it. There is no way around this. Its right there in black and white and its wrong. Again, my guess is that there are hundreds of thousands of these documents out there. The Notary office guided me to a document on their site which clearly states, " A Florida Notary Public can not notarize a document if the notary public has a financial interest in or is a party to the underlying document. No way around the fact that the document states who prepared the document and who notarized it. No way around the fact that the person is a party to the underlying document. Note : Electronic Signatures are authorized in FL, but there are specific requirements that need to be met and I can guarantee that they are not adhering to the requirements. - Notary 's Electronic Signature. ( 1 ) In performing an electronic notarial act, a notary shall execute an electronic signature in a mann

Citibank customer in Maryland
Apr 02, 2017

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

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