Citibank Credit Card Complaint

Delinquent account

Citibank Credit card department,

Delinquent account Maryland

In -/-/2016, my father offered to pay my Citi card. He forgot when he had to have multiple back surgeries and the account fell a few months behind. I was never called, no letter received or email about the delinquency. I did not know my father had forgotten. My wife pulled my credit in summer of -/-/2016 and was shocked when she found how far behind I was. I immediately called in -/-/2016 and made a payment of $100.00. I also made a few more payments and enrolled the account into debt consolidation with " -. " The contract with - was accepted and signed by CITI before -/-/-. The contract was ratified on -/-/2016. A payment had been made to CITI before -/-/-. Another payment was made -/-/- Payments have been made continuously since -/-/2016. The account is showing as Charged Off. I have been calling for months about this since I am actively paying the account and have been since summer of -/-/2016. Each month that I made a payment, CITI noted the Charge Off. CITI entered a contract to not charge off, accepted payments and terms they would not Charge Off the account. I have been calling for months and gotten atleast - different departments who tell me different things. One says they didnt accept terms, another says they did but the charge off was before they accepted, another says there was an error on their part, and lastly the last phone center rep said that I was in PRE-Charge Off when the first payment was accepted. Reguardless, CITI is violating the terms of the debt consolidation agency, their own word and the law by accepting payments on an account that they claimed they never received funds for.

Citibank customer in Maryland
Mar 29, 2017

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

Citibank response to complaint:
Closed with explanation

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