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Other bank product/service Making/receiving payments, sending money Arkansas

After conducting further research, in an effort to find out why ally bank/auto has been so adamant in trying to refute my Promissory Note, that is obviously, and clearly legal tender with paying off a debt with banks ; I discovered that fraud and a breach of agreement was committed by ally bank. After our contract was assigned to ally bank, through - ; ally bank opened up a transaction account ( s ) in I and my wife 's name, from a Promissory Note that we signed, that became an asset for them, that they monetized, for creating the funds, for what they call a loan, that was really an exchange. Ally used our Promissory Note in exchange for our transaction account ( s ) as legal tender, and yet they say that it is not recognized and accepted by them as monetary tender, what kind of sense does that make! Ally bank opened up a transaction account in our name, without our permission, and we did n't receive a receipt for the deposit that was made from the Promissory Note! Ally bank violated the banking law GAAP! If Ally Bank tries to refute this, then I will demand

or capital that the bank or financial institution used per GAAP to fund the loan, thus ending all interest and liens. How is it that ally bank dont ' understand the banking laws they are suppose to abide by!? The other proof to what I 'm saying is mentioned in the Federal Reserve Publication, page 3, it confirms that banks do n't give loans and that the Promissory Notes are to be deposited into a transaction account as an exchange. Last but not least, ally bank only gave me back one of the Promissory Notes I sent them, and even if they would have sent me back both of them ; they still could have made a copy and deposited them. The only way to tell is what the Bank Book Keeping Entries show, if I have to go that far ; all I want, is what is rightfully ours, the Title to our truck, showing paid in full.

Ally Financial Inc. customer in Arkansas
Mar 18, 2017

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

Ally Financial Inc. response to complaint:
Closed with explanation

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