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We have been dealing with a foreign vendor that has was not able to ship out a very expensive dog slat mill from purchase time in mid -. This vendor has been desperate to not refund the money and has said what it took for us to consider salvaging the deal. So we had a dispute with him and closed that dispute as he promised to get the merchandise to us. This vendor knew where we lived as he charged shipping as part of the original item quote. He still could not get it shipped to us and I filed a complaint with the CFPB back in - because my credit card company would not re-open the dispute. They only re-opened the dispute after I filed my CFPB complaint. Meanwhile the vendor told my husband in an e-mail that he had to take the item apart to limit weight to send air freight and that if he could n't send it out within a week from - -, 2017 that he would refund our money. We never heard back so after a week and 1/2 I contacted him and he was very rude saying I had called him names and

enough and not IF he would refund ... but WHEN he would refund. So when my credit card company ( Citibank ) re-opened the dispute they gave me a conditional credit back. The vendor had NEVER communicated with us since that - -, 2017 e-mail. He never shipped out the item. IF he had we would have had tracking information, etc. SO what does he tell my credit card company? He tells them he shipped the item. I never even saw what he provided my cc company. However, what did they do? They put the charges back on my credit card and now I am over the credit limit. Really? I am their client that they should protect from unprofessional vendors who have a history of scamming people. - - - & - - - - - will scam you. : - - I actually just posted on the facebook page about - being a scam artist. I did sign, date, and resubmit the emails to my credit card company indicating I want the dispute to continue. The cc company has an obligation to make it right with the consumer. It is a $1500.00 item, and we absolutely did not receive this item. Being located in a remote, rural area, it is very easy to see if an item was sent or received. I want the credit card company to refund my money and close the dispute recognizing that the vendor is fraudulent and again owes some level of protection to the person they have obtaining credit through them.

Citibank customer in Alaska
Mar 18, 2017

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

Citibank response to complaint:
Closed with explanation

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