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Billing disputes New Jersey

I was - for Military purposes and used the CITI card that was issued to me. I stayed at the assigned hotel for the period of time that we reserved the room for. We departed as planned. The hotel charged us for an extra day 's stay, claiming that " someone was occupying the room ''. We first tried to consult with the hotel manager, but could not make progress. We filed a dispute with the credit card company a month after the dispute ( -/-/- ) and waited for resolution. I continually checked their Online account they have set up for me, and the status of the dispute never changed from a pending-status. I tracked this status for the next month and it never changed status. I called their toll-free number in early -/-/- and they stated they do not handle disputes and that I would have to receive a call-back from a claims examiner. Several days passed with no call. I called back and they repeated that they can not provide me with any service related to disputes and that it is handled by a different branch that you can only have them call you back. I demanded

not receive any letter. They could not confirm delivery. I asked why they did not change the status, use the message-center on the web portal, call me, or email me. They responded that it was not their policy, and they did not have to. They advised me that the claim was closed and there was nothing that could be done. I mentioned that the website stated that it was not closed, and that was misleading. I was then told that since it was a reservation made through the - - - website, they did not have to handle disputes. I advised them that federal law still applies to them. This sort of back and forth continued for some time. In the end, they stated that they did not have to handle disputes, and that - would have to handle them. I believe this is incorrect. I also believe they are supposed to notify you properly about the dispute process. I do not believe they did so.

Citibank customer in New Jersey
Mar 09, 2017

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

Citibank response to complaint:
Closed with monetary relief

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