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My name : - - - -. My address : - - - - , - -, CA -. My contact # : - It 's about my dispute with Citi Cards, billing dispute department, - - -, SD - . I 've signed the contract with - - to purchase - - weeks from -/-/- to -/-/- in - on -/-/-. That was my last day in - and paid $13000.00 by my - Costco Card.

Their office in - and I 've had to call them right away in -/-/-. On -/-/-, around -, I called and talked with the manager, kindly requested them to change the date to my desired one, starting -/-/- to -/-/-. He promised to fix this problem but still now nothing happen. I called them again on -/-/- in the morning around - am, requested again but still, now I see no changes. I am not happy with their services. After that, the Citi card took over my - - card. I 'm so worried. Until now I have n't got any service from them and I had to pay for them $13000.00. So I made a dispute on this transaction. But they reversed the amount on -/-/-. As that company is out of US and I felt so unsafe as they know my credit card number. That 's why I cancel my card on -/-/-. Their company has sent me a lot of letters request my next payment even I did talk to their managers to fix their faults. On -/-/-, I called in Citi 's customer service to make the payment, cancel the card and ask for helping to dispute this amount again. On -/-/-, at -. I called and talked to another manager to ask them to fix again, stop sending me the bills as I have never used their bad services. And he promised 1 more time, but still nothing happen. Otherway I tried to contact their by email, but I can not reach them. Attachments are the image of my emails In -/-/-, their customer services called me and ask for another payment even though they did not do anything and I have never used their service. I explained my case again and they transferred me to the in charge person. Again, I explained, requested him help me to fix this problem and he promised again. On -/-/- Citi card cancel my credit card without any notice and explain reasons. On -/-/-, Citi Card sent me a letter to say that the merchant refuse to issue the amount I have previously paid as I signed the contract. And Citi card will bill me for the next 2 billing periods even though they cancel my account a month ago. As a customer, I have the right to dispute this transaction as these points below : 1. I 'm so distressed with the terrible customer service of - -. I do n't trust them anymore, I do n't want to use their service anymore. 2. Until now I do not use their servces, I did sign the contract to purchase their weeks but it 's in next 5 years. 3. I tried to contact them over 6 months for my case but no one get back to me and I see no change. To whom which may concern : 1. Please help me to dispute this transaction. 2. Please give my case to the public media to notice to all of the customers be aware of the - - services Many thanks for your help. God bless you!

Citibank customer in California
Mar 09, 2017

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

Citibank response to complaint:
Closed with explanation

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