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In accordance with the Uniform commercial Code, I used legal tender in the form of a unconditional, readily saleable promissory note, that can be financially traded or monetized very easily by the Banks ; to pay off our remaining balance on our mortgage debt in full, to Regions mortgage Bank. I sent Regions Bank a legal notice, with the promissory note, that indicated to them, that if they refuse my legal tender for payment, to send me back the promissory note, with a written explanation, as to why they are exempt from legislation ; however, Regions mortgage only sent me back a letter stating that my promissory note, does not constitute valid legal tender, and is not an acceptable form of payment, etc ..., etc. What I do n't understand, is why Regions Mortgage would say that my promissory note is not legal tender, when the UCC clearly states that it is ; and I sent them many different sections of the UCC that explains how the promissory note is legal tender. What I found to be ironic was, even though Regions refused to apply my legal tender towards paying off our mortgage debt, they kept my promissory note, which

anymore. When Regions mortgage kept my promissory note, it was the same as keeping someone 's cash money and refusing to apply it towards their debt, and that is very unlawful! Also in the UCC, it states that if legal tender is refused, then the debt is discharged ; and according to - -, I am a - with the right to use promissory notes with the banks ; and last but not lease, the Federal US court of appeals ruled on title 31 USC 5118, as of -/-/1977, legal tender for discharge of debt is no longer required ; that is because, legal tender is not in circulation at par with promises to pay credit. Requirement of repayment of debt need only be made in equivalent kind ; a negotiable instrument, which is what a promissory note. Also, Regions kept - of my promissory notes that I sent them.

Regions Financial Corporation customer in Arkansas
Feb 13, 2017

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

Regions Financial Corporation response to complaint:
Closed with non-monetary relief

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