JPMorgan Chase & Co. Credit Card Complaint

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JPMorgan Chase & Co. Credit card department,

Payoff process Arkansas

Issue - : Upon sign-up for this card product, the card promised a - cash back bonus with a usage of - within the first three months. The account was opened in - and reached - by - with a balance of - on the - statement. An email was sent in - - through the secured site, and a return response not addressing the issue. A second inquiry was placed via phone for - different things : -. The first representative stated that I had not made the - by -/-/-. Once I pointed out that I had ... ..the phone disconnected. I called right back, and the second representative stated that " This card product is not eligible. '' When I reiterated that this product is constantly advertised for the reward, he merely repeated the same. Complaint - : I get different information regarding payment on each call which results in a return payment and fees.

-/-/- to check and see why my payment made on -/-/- had not posted, I discovered that it was returned due to Insuffiencient funds that were actually in my account on -/-/- when it should have come out. I was told in a l - minutes phone call that I could make the payment with a representative as long as it was by - - Because I had money in a Savings account that would be available at -, that had previously been rejected online for some reason, I asked if I could still use this account. The rep said " Yes, but not online anymore. At -, I contacted Chase, expressed my concerns again in a -, and made a payment of - after being told I could. I called back again -. to be sure. The payment was slated to come out on -/-/-. After checking my account, I called on -/-/- to verify what it had not come out. I was told that it was posted with Chase, but check my bank by the - I called again on -/-/- at - to no avail. On -/-/- my other credit card payment that I had made AFTER Chase came out, and I call Chase and expressed my concerns in full yet again in a - phone call. I was told several things -. The payment was returned due to a " bad account. '' The representative insisted that some banks do n't allow payments out of Savings accounts even after I stated that I pay bills out of this account and - had just cleared. She transferred me to a supervisor, who I expressed my concerns to yet again in full. She stated that " Chase does not accept payments out of Savings accounts. '' When I told her that about the -/-/- conversation which now is causing me to be both late with a returned payment fee, she stated " I will counsel that person. '' When I inquired as to how I could get this paid immediately, and I was only offered " Just make the payment soon. '' When I inquired of - -, I was given " JP Morgan Chase/ - - Chase Bank USA NA - - - I also inquire of the Consumer Credit Reporting number and was given a number that I later discovered in another phone call was incorrect. I contacted Chase Corporate and filed a complaint. When I arrive to - -, I discovered that the form did not asked for the information that I was given, and I made yet another call to Chase at - - ( - ), and the representative informed me that - - payments were not same day posting, but 5 days instead. I asked for a supervisor, and explained my concern YET AGAIN, she informed me -. - - payments are - days -. Because of the Savings account was rejected previously, I would need a letter from my bank to reinstate and I could pay from it. She also noted that all of my notes read " Called to inquire of payment '' instead of details.

JPMorgan Chase & Co. customer in Arkansas
Jan 10, 2017

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

JPMorgan Chase & Co. response to complaint:
Closed with explanation

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