Arvest Bank Credit Card Complaint

Credit line increase/decrease

Arvest Bank Credit card department,

Credit line increase/decrease Arkansas

I, - - -, have an active, in good standing, VISA card from Arvest Bank-Security Bankcard Center - - - - - - - - - Office : ( - ) - Cell : ( - ) -. I received this card in - of -, some 16 months ago, in order to rebuild my credit after years of - and medical problems. I had no problems with this VISA card and built my - scores up quickly in just over a year. On - - of -, a company named - out of -, - placed a fraudulent charge on my VISA card of $70.00. I contacted - and demanded my money back and they laughed. I immediately contacted Arvest Security Bankcard - in -, - and spoke to Customer Service first. I told them the - illegal charge on my VISA just one hour before and they said that they see it in the Pending file of my account. I asked what this was going to do to my credit scores and they gave me the phone numbers to all - credit bureaus and suggest that once I had talked to the fraud department at Arvest-Security Bankcard -,

later, ALL of my - scores dropped due to the $70.00 - illegal charge I was told not to pay by Arvest-Security Bankcard - -. This $70.00 was not even due or late but Arvest-Security Bankcard - had issued out the monthly statement and reported my VISA activity to all - credit bureaus. The $70.00, that I was told not to pay until after the investigation was concluded, caused my credit usage to increase up to about 18 % instead of the -12 % credit of - credit limit I have on the VISA. I was upset about this and decided to pay the illegal - charge of $70.00 to avoid another hit to my - scores. My wife, - - -, and I were in the process of trying to buy a home because the rental double-wide we were living in was dangerous to our health as is the land it is on. Plus, the landlord had been pressuring us to buy this rental property or he would sell it to the neighbor. He offered to owner finance us but because of the condition of the property and structures, we worked hard to buy our own home. Our credit with Arvest-Security Bankcard - had improved at this point to where our VISA cards would not need to be secured by our - $1200.00 Certificates of Deposits and were issued un-secured VISAs in - - and our CDs were released and put back into our Savings account at Arvest Bank to be used toward down payment of our new home we were looking for. We found - properties, all which would help us with our -, and get us out of the unhealthy mobile home we were renting. Time was of the essence and the pressure of buying from the landlord was great. He said, " buy or be evicted ''. I contacted - to help fight the forced sale by the landlord. They were " advice only ''. I spoke to another attorney and he explained that we had enough time if we could buy a home in -3 months. We were ready and about to get a pre-approval letter from - - at - 's -. Then a major disaster happens to my Equifax - score. While my - and - - scores were good enough for a home loan, and my wife 's - scores were even better. - said he could approve the loan but there was a N/A on my - score and that had to be fixed before he could approve the loan. What happened? Around late - - -, my - - score dropped from the mid - to N/A. My VISA card and its complete 12 month plus history was gone from my - Credit report ... PLEASE SEE ALL ATTACHED DOCUMENTS

Arvest Bank customer in Arkansas
Nov 30, 2016

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

Arvest Bank response to complaint:
Closed with explanation

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