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Other (i.e. phone, health club, etc.) Disclosure verification of debt not given enough info to verify debt

Hunter Warfield, Inc. Debt collection department,

Other (i.e. phone, health club, etc.) Disclosure verification of debt Not given enough info to verify debt Texas

I have been dealing with this issue since -/-/-. I applied to rent an apartment, and the agent to me I had to pay a larger deposit because of a collection account from, Hunter-Warfield, where I owe another apartment complex. I told her NO, I have never heard of that because I left my last apartment, - - in good standing with no balance owed. I have never heard of Hunter-Warfield, nor was I ever contact by them or received anything. So she says I should contact that apartment and inquire. I did exactly that, and I spoke with the Regional Manager the first time I called and he said to give him the apartment number and he could look it up by that way. He did so and said he could not find me in the system. He said to contact the previous property management, which is -. I contacted - by email and the reply was, " All records pertaining to - - were turned over upon sale of the property. You will need to speak with current management. '' Ok, so I contacted - - again, the new management is -. I spoke to - different leasing

info up with apartment and still no resolution. I start disputing with Credit Bureaus. I asked them to contact the original creditor, - -, but they never do. I sent in documents where I mailed a certified letter to Hunter-Warfield. Still, no reply from Hunter-Warfield. I have the return receipt from the postal service, where the collection company signed for letter, but still no reply. I called Hunter-Warfield and the representative, yelled at me and hung up while I was talking to him. I am at the end of what to do to get the collection that I do not owe off my credit report. It makes no sense that I would not pay a balance owed, according to credit report of $170.00, when I was paying over $800.00 a month rent. It almost a year and it is still not deleted from my report. I am requesting Hunter-Warfield be deleted from credit report due to the fact they failed to provide me with requested information, and conduct a thorough investigation with the original creditor. Hunter-Warfield failed to remove its collection from my report after I mailed the certified letter for them to stop reporting on my credit. Still, to this day, -/-/-. I have received nothing from Hunter-Warfield, no cooperation from them. Please delete from my credit report. Thank you.

Hunter Warfield, Inc. customer in Texas
Oct 27, 2016

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

Hunter Warfield, Inc. response to complaint:
Closed with non-monetary relief

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