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Other bank product/service Using a debit or ATM card

Arvest Bank Bank account or service department,

Other bank product/service Using a debit or ATM card Oklahoma

On - -, 2016 I bought a e-cig tank from an online merchant - - for $32.00. I used my Visa Debit card from Arvest Bank. The tank turned out to be defective. - refused to take it back or issue a refund so, I contacted ( called the - number ) Arvest about doing a chargeback. I then received a letter from Arvest cancelling the chargeback. No explanation was given. So, I called Arvest again and was told to return the item back to - and get proof of the return ; send the info to Arvest and they would initiate a chargeback. I did that ; sent a copy of the USPS delivery confirmation AND signature of receipt to Arvest and was told that I would have my refund in 10 business days. This was on - -. After waiting 10 business days and seeing no refund I again called Arvest and was told it takes 30 days and that the merchant was disputing the chargeback. After waiting 30 days and still no refund, I again called Arvest and was told it takes 60 days.

them that 1 ) my money had already been removed from their account as of - -, 2016 ; 2 ) Arvest told them in the chargeback paperwork that they were not going to refund my money and 3 ) they were not disputing the chargeback. So, once again I called Arvest and the girl who answered the phone said she would look into it and then the phone line went dead & I had a dial tone. So I called back and was told that she was on another line and would call me back. Well, obviously that never happened. I just want my $32.00 back at this point. I am # 1 ) sick and tired of having to call the - number and NEVER getting to actually speak to anyone in the dispute department. I am not even sure at this point that there is a dispute department. They do not speak to me on the phone ; they do not return my phone calls ; nor do they answer my letters. I even complained by letter to Arvest 's customer service and no reply from them either. # 2 ) I am tired of being told a different story every time I call and ask about this dispute.

Arvest Bank customer in Oklahoma
May 14, 2016

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

Arvest Bank response to complaint:
Closed with explanation

Consumer disputes how Arvest Bank handled their complaint

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