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On -/-/- I contacted - - who is a loan officer for Arvest Bank ; who is also my current mortgage lender, regarding a FHA Streamline refinanace at a current rate of 3.50 %. My current interest rate with Arvest Bank is 5 %, and the mortgage term is 30yr. I initially asked for a 15yr term with a fixed rate, but he advised that my payment would raise $50.00 dollars higher than my current mortgage payment and that I would not be permitted to do a FHA streamline refinance unless the payment is lower than my current payment. He then advised me to do a 30yr term, but I requested that it be a 20yr term, because I want to pay off my mortgage sooner. I was informed that a FHA streamline refinance does not require income or credit qualifying, as long as you have been current on your mortgage for the past 12 months, but - pulled my credit without my authorization. He then told me, that he wanted to due my loan at a 30yr term and not a 20yr term, because he would not be able to sell it to an investor at a 20yr term.

and federal tax lein on my property, and that it would need to be paid before I could refinance my mortgage. I contacted IRS and the state of Arkansas and was informed that I did not have any tax liens on my home. - sent a - No.- Authorization form to prove that I owe no federal taxes. I filled form out -/-/- returned to Arvest, but - - Closing agent with - - - stare the IRS refuses to speak with her. this was either something to prevent or stop me from refinancing with streamline. I was told that my paperwork was going to underwriting - -, and I would close in a week. On -/-/- I was contacted by - - who informed me that this was not going to happen and that - - no longer works for Arvest Bank and she would be handling my refinance and we can not prove that the - Federal tax lien has been paid and - - - ca n't verify that this has been released, yet I have paper work from the state which says this was released -/-/- from the court house but - and - said it has to come from the IRS. -/-/- - said we would set date to close. -/-/- - said it had to go back to underwriting. It is now -/-/- and I have left several phone and email messages, but no one has returned my calls. Yours truly, - -

Arvest Bank customer in Arkansas
May 12, 2016

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

Arvest Bank response to complaint:
Closed with explanation

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