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Non-federal student loan Dealing with my lender or servicer

LendKey Technologies, Inc. Student loan department,

Non-federal student loan Dealing with my lender or servicer West Virginia

I am co-signer on student loans in my son 's name at LendKey. Last Friday, - -, I received a message from LendKey and returned the call after checking the status of the loans at the LendKey site on-line. The party answering was also on the loan screen at the same LendKey site, but his information did not match mine as my screen showed - past due loans ( 43 days and 10 days ) while the LendKey representative indicated the same - loans on his screen were each 11 days past due. At any rate, upon my request the LendKey rep indicated that the total amount past due on both loans was less than $100.00 at which point I offered to immediately bring both loans current by debiting or by means of ACH from my checking account. He said that was not possible even though I was the co-borrower/co-signer unless I would agree to allow my checking account to become the new auto debit source for future payments. I would not agree to this and upon questioning the practice of LendKey calling me and then refusing to accept payment, the LendKey rep said the Company is working on that ''. Next, I received a letter on - - from LendKey dated - - ( the day before the telephone call ) and it indicates only - of the - loans in past due status and only past due for - cents!. This was - of the - loans referred to as past due on the call on the -, but is again a different past due amount. LendKey has called us in the past and we have tried to work with them, but none of the information regarding past due amounts, dates of payments and resolution on the phone ever match with what is reported at the LendKey site. This is extremely frustrating and likely to ruin my excellent credit score, plus it is a nuisance.

LendKey Technologies, Inc. customer in West Virginia
Sep 22, 2015

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

LendKey Technologies, Inc. response to complaint:
Closed with explanation

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