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Vehicle loan Taking out the loan or lease

Arvest Bank Consumer loan department,

Vehicle loan Taking out the loan or lease Missouri

I obtained a loan through Superior Finance in - Missouri on a - BMW -5 for $6500.00 plus all of their fees that have been added to it ( I now owe nearly $10000.00 after all of their added fees ). I have been fighting with them since I made my first payment. First they were reporting incorrect information to my credit. It took over 2 months of fighting for them to change it to state auto loan '' rather than it looking like a huge payday loan. Also when I obtained this loan, I went with this company because I was promised reporting to all - major credit agencies. That is not happening. They are reporting to -. The local office made myself and my husband a lot of promises that were not fulfilled, the credit reporting being one, as well as the

bumper to bumper '' and does not cover anything of what they said. They have PURPOSELY defrauded me and my husband. When I brought this to the attention of the regional manager for Superior Finance ( only after threatening lawsuit ) I was connected with the attorney that the company has on permanent retainer. I have tried numerous times, unsuccessfully, for them to abide by the verbal, as well as the written contact and they refuse. I have every e mail sent and received from their attorney as well as the regional manager and all I have sent to them demanding action. He, along with their regional manager, are now ignoring my demands for them to fulfill what I was told and promised when I obtained this loan. I am fulfilling my contract by paying them nearly $350.00 a month and keeping full coverage on this vehicle, I need them to fulfill their end of this contract in regards to reporting ( which was the entire purpose of obtaining this loan, to build credit. I had a great car that I owned outright but wanted to build my credit to obtain a mortgage ) and doing what they are supposed to do as my lender. When I realized that they had been in violation of many things in the contract, and I had to threaten lawsuit to get their attention, I even offered to return the car ( in better condition than when was received ) and for both parties to walk away free and clear. They did not want to hold up their end of the contract and I do not want to pay an arm and a leg for a vehicle that is nothing what I was promised, they refused my offer. I have - other individuals that this company has done the same/similar to and they are more than willing to join lawsuit if needed and I have no doubt I could find more. This is a very crooked, deceiving company and I am not willing to sit back and allow them to manipulate me and defraud myself and others. I was made promises by them and there is a signed contract .... none of that is being fulfilled by Superior Finance. At the VERY LEAST, I am wanting them to report to all - credit agencies as was promised which I have been informed was part of a verbal contract between myself and Superior Finance Company. They need to be held accountable for what their employees promise, just as I am held accountable for my payments and other contract obligations. If they refuse to follow through with the terms of the written and verbal contract after this formal complaint, I will have no choice but to proceed with legal action.

Arvest Bank customer in Missouri
Sep 22, 2015

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

Arvest Bank response to complaint:
Closed with explanation

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