McCarthy, Burgess & Wolff, Inc. Debt Collection Complaint

Other (phone, health club, etc.) Cont'd attempts collect debt not owed debt is not mine

McCarthy, Burgess & Wolff, Inc. Debt collection department,

Other (phone, health club, etc.) Cont'd attempts collect debt not owed Debt is not mine New York

For the last seven years I was in foster care. Last summer at - years old I signed myself out and was forced to stay with my estranged father and stepmother. This was out of financial necessity. I was told that we were going to - store for a family plan. I assumed that it would be in either my father or my stepmothers name. When signing the contract for - I was told that it was for just my phone. Instead I was signing a contract for - smart phones. I did not realize this until about a month later when I got the bill. Any attempts that I made to rectify the situation failed. The other people in the contract refused to help pay the debt and let their phones default. I was nave and had no idea how to fix the situation. I did not want to ruin my credit so I called - and made payment arrangements for a bill over $2000.00. I recently lost my job and was unable to make a payment and - sent my account into collections. - refused to negotiate and I do not feel that is my responsibility to pay the full debt. I feel that - was negligent in that the - representative at the store did not explain to me what I was signing and did not contradict what my father had told me. I feel that I was taking advantage of.

McCarthy, Burgess & Wolff, Inc. customer in New York
Apr 23, 2015

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

McCarthy, Burgess & Wolff, Inc. response to complaint:
Closed with explanation

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