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My wife & I purchased a 'travel club membership ' on our Visa after being told by the salesman that we could use it for our - we take - for - work. Since my wife works for an airline I told him we did n't need it for our personal use but would be interested if we could use it for these trips. He assured us it could. As our documentation shows, we were given promises that did not materialize. So i began to call and complain, and demanding a refund and being told it was beyond the 3 days allowed by law - rudely at that - I finally took them to small claims court in -, -, and won a judgment. Since this company is a 'scam ' and knows how to work the system, they have multiple offices in - , - , and - that i know of. Trying to get a physical address and trying to collect is nearly impossible. So I asked Visa to reverse the charges. I have my Visa through Arvest Bank, which uses Security Bankcard Center. Initially they reversed the charges ( Arvest did ) but then they called and

the charge was made. The travel co. would n't refund and cancel because they said it was past the 3 days, yet it was during that first week I was trying to use their services before finding out the empty promises. They also complained to Visa saying I used the services. I tried getting quotes for airfare, rental cars, etc. and the only thing I could use was a rental car - and that did n't save me any money from what I could get elsewhere. A far cry from spending over - for these 'special discounts. ' This travel company goes by - - '', - '' or - '' - all of which have a lot of bad complaints online. I only which I had researched it before we bought!

Arvest Bank customer in Oklahoma
Apr 09, 2015

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

Arvest Bank response to complaint:
Closed with explanation

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