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Cashing a check without an account Deposits and withdrawals

Bank of America Bank account or service department,

Cashing a check without an account Deposits and withdrawals New Hampshire

Today, -/-/2016, I visited the Bank of America Financial Center, - - -, -, - -, to attempt to deposit a check into my mothers account. I had received - checks from the - related to the settlement of an insurance claim. The checks were drawn upon an account - had with Bank of America. The checks were for $16000.00 and $250.00 respectively. The checks were made out in my name but I indicated to the branch manager, who was assisting me, that I would endorse the checks over to my mother 's name so that they could be deposited in my mothers account if that was necessary. I provided my - Issued Drivers License as a photo ID so that they could identify who was making the deposit since it was not my account. The manager indicated that I was not allowed to deposit the check, made out in my name, into my mothers account because she had not authorized the deposit. She told me to bring my mother into the branch with me, however my mother is in - and this was not possible. Additionally, I was presenting a photo identification, with a last name that matched the

After refusing to allow me to make the deposit, I requested that the check be cashed since it was a check drawn upon a Bank of America account held by -. She then asked if I had a deposit account with Bank Of America with which I could deposit the check. When I indicated that I had my personal deposit accounts with another bank she indicated that there was nothing she could do. When I told her that it was a Bank of America account, she indicated that she needs advanced notice for a check of that size and the check would have to clear before I received the cash and since I did not have an account there was nothing she could do. I believe that this was unfair, improper, and potentially in violation of the law. Before leaving I indicated that I believed that it was legal for me to endorse the check and deposit into my mothers account and I did not understand why they would not accept it. I also expressed my lack of understanding as to why Bank of America could not cash a Bank of America check. Receiving no answer or further information I left and had to travel to my bank and deposit the check, now I have to wait for the check to clear and then issue a check in my mothers name which will take time to clear. As a result, there is a loss of the time value of the money, including the accrual of additional interest upon loans which the amount of money, which is not insignificant, was intended to reduce principal upon. I have been harmed by the conduct of this bank and feel that I have no recourse other than this complaint.

Bank of America customer in New Hampshire
Mar 21, 2017

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

Bank of America response to complaint:
Closed with explanation

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